Wow, is it hot

chillin I’m not.

How can I make up the time that I’ve lost?

What was wrought

with this furnace you brought?

Did you think about what this would cost?

You think it’s okay

to burn up this way.

I tell you you’re out of your mind.

We’re humans I say.

We can’t live this way.

Now you’ve got us in a bind.

Turn off the heat

these temps we can’t beat

My flowers are going up in flames

I’ve used all our sheets

I’ve stomped with my feet

Still I can’t douse or contain;

This insane conflagration,

Stirs a terrible sensation,

That makes an end to refrains.

Stop for chrissakes, it’s hot!


Twitter me this!

Attention friends and family!

As you may know, I am in school.  A requirement for one of my courses (Mass-Comm 31: Issues in Media) is a Twitter account.  You may also know, I don’t tweet.  Well, now I do; but, and you knew that was coming, this is for school only, please.  If you see me out there in the Twitter-verse; please, please, please don’t follow me or invite me, or whatever is appropriate there.  I spend too much time on FB, already.  (Who me?) Perhaps, when this is over, I’ll do as the instructor suggests and ‘remain connected’; then I’ll hunt you down and bombard you with 140 character artistic masterpieces. ;~)  BTW, how the heck does ANYONE express themselves in 140 characters?  This will have consequences!

I am quite excited about all this education stuff.  I was thinking (for a nonce, :-0) that it would wear off after my first assignments were due.  Ha, not even close!  This is great.  I have something to fill the gaps.  Unfortunately, though it isn’t Facebook, I still spend as much time on my butt, reading and keyboarding course related material.  This I think will wear off as I get used to the routine.  One thing I found quite amusing, yesterday as I was reading the text, my phone kept dancing across the table next to me as one after another notification from Facebook came rolling in, all about the most inane things one could imagine.  None of it was meaningful, really, and there I was reading about how social media had completely enveloped our lifestyles.  I had to put the book down and inform the Facebook world of my revelation before it sunk in that I had just demonstrated the point exactly.

It’s not all fun and games.  I find that reading text is just as tedious as it was in the 70s.  Back then, if I ran into a course that required lots of non-technical reading, I would have given up after a few paragraphs and winged it until I was failing the course, then stop going.  The difference this time, I guess, is that I’m really interested in the subject matter. Not only that, I’ve lived through most of its history, from “Do-Wop” radio to this near “tricorder” universe we live in now, so I’ve “seen it all”.  This is a perspective I think a lot of my classmates will not have, and as such, I’ll present a very different viewpoint for social dialog in the class…probably.  In the interest of learning and experiencing the discourse, I slog through.  Besides, class ensues in my lounge chair whenever I feel like it.

One drawback to having all this available time right now is that I am way ahead of the curve, as far as getting the work done is concerned.  I have nothing better to do with my time right now, so I spend a lot of it reading the text book and doing as much of the assignments as I can, then I go back and read the book some more, while I wait for the class to catch up…lol.  I imagine a bunch of kids who just finished Spring Semester and who are not quite ready to rock.  They aren’t as speedily zipping through the assignments.  This class is about Social Media, so we all must be connected.  I’m ready.  They aren’t.  None of them!

BTW: I don’t fear calling them kids because they are going to call me Mr. at least once…every stinking one of them. 🙂

Now, you know me!  Two hours after no one else had registered their Twitter names on the class discussion board so I can search for and follow them (this is an assignment), I’m sure I’ve done something wrong.  Not only will it be wrong, it will be ridiculously wrong.  Wrong enough that I will need to hang my head in abject humiliation (cybernetically, of course, since this is an online course).  Everyone will know who the Twitter rube is.

Searching frenetically through my new Twitter profile for the inevitable stupid mistake that has thwarted my most earnest efforts to “get connected”, I finally find and feverishly fix it.  I used a ‘#’ instead of an ‘@’.  “Fool!  FOOL”, says I.  But, no matter, I found it and I fixed it.

That was yesterday!  Still no one has posted their Twitter call-sign.  Nothing!  No catchy twists of their real names, no basic newbie-don’t-take-any-chances-on-being-too-cute names like mine, no Nom de guerre.  Sigh!

So, I wait!

Of course, I should mention that I am 80% through the week’s assignments already and they aren’t due until 11:59pm Tuesday next, but that would completely denude the anxiety, and I’ve already queried the instructor twice as to why this was going so slow. Do you think that was a bit aboveboard?  Harrumph!

To be sure, I start real school next week where I’ll be attending class at the College.  I’ll be far more taxed, time-wise.  I’m trying to get as much of this Mass Comm online course under my belt as possible before then.  This summer will be a good warm up for fall when I have a bit more of a commitment to make.  If I find the Summer schedule is too demanding physically, I still have time to draw back on the Fall schedule a bit.  Am I worried?  A bit, yes, but aside from family, I still have little better to do with my time; so, there is no excuse.  My back should be fine.  I am getting shots soon and the classes are mostly held in a lab environment so I can stand up as much as I need to for a break.

I know I can do this.  Every course I will take is one I selected and want to take.  The subject matter is what I’ve dreamt about doing for a lifetime.  When I finish here, what I create will be net/magazine-worthy and I will publish my work…unless it sucks, of course.  Still, I know this won’t be easy.  It is just what I want.  That’s usually enough.

When I’m inspired to write, I often have seen something that triggered the thought.  It has frustrated me in the past that I have no avenue to express the entire inspiration to you.  Frankly, other than some musical talent, I suck at what I call the “physical arts”, dancing and drawing, for instance.  Professional level camera skills and refined writing skills will fulfill that expressive desire for me.  This newer genre of written art, Haiku, seems to be tailor made for the Twitterverse.  I have experimented a little already.  Now I want to learn enough about Photoshop to make the edits I want and then add the thoughts that come to mind when I’m finished repainting my pictures…

You might ask, “You’ve waited all this time, why are you in such a hurry now?”

“Aha” I say, “I have until Nov 2018 to use the Voc Rehab money the Workers Comp Insurance provided after my injury”.

It’s a fair amount and coupled with what the state has pitched in, it could cover the entire path to the degree I aspire to, if I could squeeze all that course load into a year and a half that is.  I probably won’t, but I’ll get close and that’s good enough for us to finish on our own dime.  I’ll have all (well, most of) the Photo/Video gear I need by then, thanks to the Insurance Company’s Voc Rehab grant and the State’s grant.  We’ll find a way to finish the few credits I might have left, if any.  Aside from online studies, another way to crunch a little is to take night courses as well as having a daytime schedule.  I’m trying this out this summer and fall.  We’ll see!

So, zoom, zoom…  There is one issue I do have to address about being in a  rush, at least in the online studies world.  Back in the day, I found that the longer I dwelled on a question, the more likely I was to think of several different answers to it and then the doubt would creep in.  So, I got in the habit of blazing through tests as fast as I could go.  When I was done, I’d go back and review, but most times I found my first answer was the one.  I can’t go back now, at least I don’t think we can, so I must do it right first time.  No matter!  It’s just a different way to do the same thing.  It did cost me a point though on my second quiz.  I bet this will be another short learning curve issue.  GRRRRRRR!  Live and learn.

Thanks in advance for letting me be, Twitter-wise…just for now.


PS: One of the remaining assignments for this week is to write an essay on our experience with Twitter.  I see that I can simply cut and paste from here and I’ll have most of that finished. ;~) Let’s call it 85% done then. 😉

Just yesterday (for Santi)

I saw you yesterday

You weren’t so far away

Not as far as most

But still, not so very close.

If I could have touched you

The ripples would roll through

To the end of days

And in so many ways

Make our spirits one

Our time would not be done

You wouldn’t be so far away

I saw you, just yesterday. 


Please remember my brother with me today.  Santi gave all on this day in 1972.  We all lost that day.

SP4 Santiago Herrera Escobar, US Army Scout and Patrol Dag Handler, 34th Patrol Dog Platoon, 3rd Bde., 1st Cav., Bien Hoa, RVN.  RIP Brother. 



Its been so long since I wanted to write

not to scribble in anger, or hammer my rage

or describe the latest source of fright

but to reach out, touch it and earn the wage

that would buy me a reason to still be alive.


So it came as a surprise when

my keyboard came alive and then

words were thrown about to blend

and in every meaningful way did mend

my life, my soul, and all that jive.


Still, I wonder,

was this path forced upon me

because they felt it was a necessity

or because the gods destroyed the key

that would have granted eternity

before this purgatory they could contrive


Quickly I grasp at the tendered hands

Gratefully engaged, I reenter in time

For my soul to be kept in calm lands

To be part of the next phase in line.

So weak am I, yet He bids me survive


There is now a faint pulse in my chest

A door has opened, safe passage revealed

I strive once more to finish the quest

Before the favor might be repealed

There is yet much to claim as mine, to thrive.


I remember, I do, this thing called, Alive.

Burtt-Part eleven-Atomic Revenge

Burtt-Chapter 11, atomic revenge:

Twenty two cycles+18, Lo35319

There was a device.  She’d heard them talk about it, her husband and his commander. It was buried deep under central tower.  Below the cop headquarters.  Only the Commander of the cops and the Army, their boss, the Director of Security and the MeinKlops had access.  It was a doomsday device.  Held in check so that no conqueror could claim CommCorp as their own.

Well, that was before.  Now, with Larss boss dead back in his office, and his passkey in her possession, she now had access.  Still, she shouldn’t be in this area, and anyone who saw her would report it; so, she had to stay hidden until she could safely approach the damn door to the HiSec Stairwell.

It was mideat and the place was crawling with worker drones.  Ellsbeth Fen was so close, so close to ending this nightmare.  If she had to be exiled with those foul peons, she’d rather be dead.  Her children would thank her if they only would see reality. No, they deserved better and dead is better than life out there.  If we go down; the whole frigging dome would come with them.

I won’t live like a prole for any reason.  Not to save myself or my children.  Dead is better than hell.


3 days before, at the Loks hide:

She’d played at being nutters all week.  It wasn’t all that much a stretch at first.  She was pretty much on overload after Georgge told them about the Corps’ plans for the Fens et al.  In a couple of days though she had settled back into her brooding, self-pitying normal self, though she kept that to herself.  On the outside, for everyone to see, she was still nutters.  Battier than a belfry, Hamm call it.  The kids kept their distance, including the Fen children.

It was this distance everyone kept from her that lulled them into complacency about her and they stopped watching her all the time.  The very first chance she had, she took it and it cost Jaredd his life.

She’d fashioned another club, this one of stouter stuff, metal stock.  With no one paying her any never mind, she made her way to the door Jaredd would enter with their midafternoon snack.  She hid quietly in the shadows and waited for him to enter the room.  She sprang on him with a berserker’s wail smashing the club down on his head from behind. He didn’t even know he was under attack.  The kids’ screams were too late.  So fierce was Ellsbeth’s hate, all her strength went into the blow.  Jaredd’s head split open like a melon and brains flew everywhere.  He was dead before his body slumped to the ground.

Too late, Hamm sprung for Ellsbeth, but she was gone before he could get to the door and she locked it behind her.  Ellsbeth had made good her escape, and no one would know until Doc Georgge showed later in the week, unless Ssyn decided to come for a visit.  They had no comms here purposely.  They didn’t want to be traced obviously, but in fact, no signal could penetrate the hide.

The kids were trapped with just the water and fruit Jaredd had just delivered.  The over ripe smell of the confined space was starting to bother the kids too.


Three cycles, Hi45319, in the HiSec Stairwell:

She’d made it.  Finally, the fools all went to bed.  Well, she’d had to time the security patrol, but after two passes, she had that down, now, and was off and running the second the guard was out of sight on his rounds.

The stairs seemed to go on forever though.  It was getting darker and more chill.  She was in the light throw she had one when Uncle Samm fled with them to the Loks hide.  It was thin and completely inadequate to the job at hand, but she didn’t need a lot of time.

Just through those doors and BOOM, lights out everyone.  Oh, Norton, the Glory.  The rapture.  The peace.  I’m coming to you father, mother.  I’m coming.

There it was.  It wasn’t very big, really.  She was surprised but there it was.  It looked just like Gregorr described it to Larss that night so long ago.  Who would ever have thought that we would come to this, back then?  No matter.  It’s done.



The notification was of its own pending end.

She remembered the sequence.

  • Insert key
  • Turn left one notch to power the terminal
  • Acknowledge sequence start
  • Accept control of the sequence with one more notch turn to the left.
  • Set the count
  • Turn the Key to “Arm” position.
  • Push red “START” button.
  • Evacuate

Ellsbeth had nowhere to evacuate to.  Citizens were meant to leave in AirTrans if any survived.  No matter.  That wasn’t her fate.

The Conflagration that ensued at the touch of her hand to the Start button, engulfed the dome, the Wall, and 100 kliks of area in a circle around the dome.  The end was quick.  The other city states heard of the tragedy, then fought for control of the airwaves.

Burtt and Katt watched the fireball grow and creep towards them.  They turned to each other at the last.

The end.