Signs of America healing:

GOP in a TKO

Republican Greg Gianforte wins Montana’s U.S. House special election after being charged with assaulting reporter.


Today, its possible to punch a jerk-off reporter in the face and still be elected to the House.  At least you can when the media owned purveyor of bovine fecal matter falls out of his safe-space tree into your hood.

This is good.  My face is hurting from the smile.  Now we just need a few ANTIFA girlie-men to show up in Montana.  BOOM!  Thousands of wannabe gangstahs will suddenly unmask and reveal themselves to be Google, Amazon and Facebook software engineers on paid vacation, yelling “no mas, no mas”.

There are two problems I see with this development in Montana, though.  First, Gianforte is going to face some legal penalty, possibly jail time.  That sucks because he was provoked, repeatedly, by these media thugs.  (Does anyone know a good lawyer…hey, OJ?)  The second (probably because of # 1) is that Gianforte found it necessary to apologize to the offensive reporter.  At least he waited until after the election results were in.

The heck with that, Greg.  You were right.  Apologizing will yield nothing.  This kind of “in-your-face-abusive-reporting” is all the lefty media do.  In fact, they will not report unless it feeds their agenda and, since reality doesn’t, they regularly create one that does fit, then blitz it down our throats.  Anything that doesn’t fit that narrow view is labeled “alt-truth” and as such, may be ignored and/or mocked.  Millions of previously self-thinking Americans have been swallowing this crap for decades now.  Goebbels is dancing in the flames of hell.

Well, if it takes them getting their butts kicked, let’s do that.  Let’s kick butt until this bullcrap stops, once and for all.  If that’s what it takes, then let’s keep kicking butt until we reach the offices of the a-holes-in-chief of these media outlets, and kick their butts too…figuratively speaking, of course.

The real plus to this development is that Montana’s “we the people” spoke their minds, despite the piled-on last-minute media blitz to destroy Gianforte’s chances at the polls.  The voters didn’t care one whit for that reporter, and, God bless them, they told the lefty media to piss off and elected Greg Gianforte to the US Congress.  This is so heartening.  This is GRAND!  Real people, in real, unadulterated, heartland America, ignored the bullcrap vomitus of the left and voted for Liberty.

Excuse my repeated vulgarity, but this is one event that just calls for it:



So, you ask, ‘how do we “kick butt” without getting ourselves thrown in jail’?  Certainly, we wont get away with physically popping reporters in the chops.  As much as we might want to…need to…pray for the opportunity to, we really shouldn’t go postal.  We everyday Joes do not have the kind of pull needed to avoid/survive the ramifications (and I’m only assuming that Gianforte will survive himself).

What we can do is refuse to participate in this farce.  We can refuse to use outlets that refuse to report the truth.  There are alternatives.  There are even brand-new News Media outlets on-line that report real news, minus the obligatory drivel the left calls news and the myriad sales pitches you get with the main-screamers.  There are TV show streaming services too.  Yes, these new players have sponsors but there’s not a 50/50 split of news/shows and ads, and like I said, it’s real news.  FOX News is not the answer, though many of their local affiliates are parsecs better than the other alphabet media outlets.  Beware when you’re searching for relief online, though.  Outlets like Brietbart and The Daily Caller only show their side and mock the other, though I will say that Brietbart only reports truth.  the Daily Caller is one step up from the Enquirer and in some circles, that would be an insult to the Enquirer folks.

This poisonous atmosphere has permeated all levels of the media.  I don’t listen to the radio at all except for music and I switch channels the second the drones start talking (except Brian Thomas of KAT Country 103).  I stopped my daily print delivery.  As much as I want to support a dying industry, I wont support a bullcrap machine that is also 50% or more advertisement.  I get my news from local FOX affiliates, online, my dogs…and Fakebook!!!  When FOX goes to commercial, I switch channels for 3 minutes.  I get a feed from Brietbart and some few others for fact checking purposes.  I get The Caller on my fakebook feed for laughs.

BTW:  Isn’t it funny how the biggies (Mega News Outlets) are so full of themselves? They preach to us about how “for the people” they are, yet 50% of their output is profit earning commercials.  Are “you the people” getting anything from those profits?  How many of you spend hours every day glued to the tube?  Do you think this has NO EFFECT on what they feed you?  Do you think the biggies don’t know you’re sitting there and purposely feed you as much crap as they think they can get away with?  Of course, they do.  I’m not referring to any conspiracy theories about them spying on us through our connections to them.  No, they can physically monitor the load on the live feed and then do the math that gives them an accurate estimate of viewership at any given time.  Now, think about this.  What if they knew you weren’t sitting there?

“How can I not watch TV?, you ask.”  Well, that’s easy.  Even for you diehard series addicts, series you can only get from the biggies, I have three letters for you: DVR.  Record your shows, then watch them later…zooming right through their ads and propaganda regurgitations.  Get your news, as much as possible, rom reliable sources NOT coming over your TV feed.  They WILL see the drop in load during the news hours and since you are also no longer spending hours on end watching live TV shows, they will have to assume you are probably recording your favorite shows too.

Three things to keep in mind when your doing this: One, they understand that if you recorded your shows, you are definitely fast-forwarding through the ads; two, they certainly know how many are watching “live”; and three, this “live audience” is what pays their bills.  Without live viewership, that is, a majority of viewers who DEFINITELY stay with the network through the ads; they change or they fail.  You really don’t need to do the math.  The very same method works with politicians.  Don’t vote for them.  Watch them change.

Of course, we are a weak species.  We will need to be weaned, but, thanks to Montana, we have a start.   This is still a great day in an ever more Great America.

Shout out to the WH too…Thank you Mr. President!



Can Cali ever go RED again?


There is a fairly new FB group called, “Make California Red Again”.  I am of course, a member in good standing.  I always hitch my ride to flaming stars that have about as much chance at being causal as Trump does wining over the ANTIFA clowns.

I mean no disrespect to the MCRA group if any fellow members read this.  So far, I’ve seen no evidence of STUPID in this group, anywhere.  So, I assume you have to see, as well as I do, that Cali is a ship well lost and foundering amidst the flotsam and jetsam of progressive idiocy.  As much as you and I hope and pray for a conservative savior to step up and reverse this malaise we are in; what are the chances?  Right!  So, moving on…

The issue of the day is, Why are Cali’s schools not following their own codes about funding illegal students.  It’s been reported that up to thirteen percent of all California students are illegals themselves, not born here.  Perhaps forty three percent of California’s students have at least one illegal parent.  I think I’m more surprised that we are still surprised at what’s happening here in Cali.

We are witnessing the loss of a sovereign state to socialist progressives, anarchists, antipathy, the political apoplexy of the Republican Party in California, the complacency of conservative voters until it was too late to stop the gerrymandering, and the re-Hispanicization of the southern Pacific Coast.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many Californian Politicians are either liberal or Hispanic?
  • How many of those last ones came from illegal immigrant families?
  • In order to maintain power, are they not ALL in cahoots with each other?

So, they support each other’s causes, absolutely.  The tide has turned.  We conservatives are already outnumbered or they wouldn’t be kicking our asses at the polls every year.  They own the schools, the news, the hospitals, most of the money and 80% of the political field or more.  They have effectively beheaded us at every turn.

No, the best possible solution left is a sad one, I fear.  We should cede the coastline from San Francisco south to the Mexican border, and all the way east to but not including the central valley.  In that way, we can allow CALEXIT to happen…PLEASE, let it happen!  We then surround Sacramento and keep it under siege until they surrender.  We arrest Newsome and Moonbeam and keep them in chains, better still, in stocks, on the commons out in front of the State Building, until they return what they wasted on water tunnels, hi-speed railroads to nowhere, fake infrastructure funding and illegals.  We then foist the two morons back on the newly formed Calexico, and watch it fold in on itself since there won’t be any producers left in their insolated society and we’ll have all the food and water, anyway…the dumb fucks.

Only by taking these drastic steps will we ever save California, and we have to do it while there’s still enough old school Californians left.  They’re leaving by the droves, driven out by the foreign nature of what has become the Golden State.

BTW, we keep Silicon Valley.  We invented it.  It’s ours.  Piss off!  You can have Berzerkeley instead. We’ll mail it to in pieces.

Have a nice day, Moonbeam!

Just a quick jot here about a letter to the editor in this morning’s paper. Numbers,  ya gotta love numbers.  With the eternal laments about the popular vote fresh,  yet again,  in our ears this morning,  here’s some numbers that some might really piss their pants over:

  • Republicans control a record 67 state legislative chambers. That’s double the Democrats total and more than at any time in history.
  • Republicans hold over 4100 of the 7383 total seats country wide. 
  • The GOP controls both legislative chambers in 32 states compared to just 13 for the Dems. 
  • In 24 of these 32 states, the GOP also have the Governorship vs. Only 6 states where the Dems control all three.
  • Since BHO took office,  the DEMS have lost almost 1000 seats in state legislatures. 
  • The GOP have 2/3 of the governorships. 

Perfect!   Thanks to Andrew Fine of Concord, CA for the stats. 

Besides all that,  Republicans have this cool, catchy nickname,  The GOP. The other guys have…Dems, ho-hum.😆😇😈;)

Are you done now?


Can we get on with it, please.  Look at it this way; those of you in the opposition have four years to prove us deplorable ones wrong.

Too many to list, the categories I’ve selected for this piece tell the tale of the tape…these things are at stake, good and bad.  It is our duty as citizens, all of us, to hold him, and them, to the fire.

Stand and deliver Mr. President Trump.  Stand and deliver!

It is time to start being GREAT again.




Why so cheap? 

​Written in response to an FB post about the unfairness of the job market today.  Consequences folks,  consequences…

The evolution of the job market in America from an old-school, part-timer’s view point:

1) in the beginning,  companies offer part-time jobs so teens and other students, young couples needing an extra few bucks a week and people just starting out in the workforce can get their feet wet. 

2) these jobs pay less than full-time jobs for many reasons,  and rightfully so.  This allows companies to “afford” to have basic functions performed without breaking the bank and without having to hire another higher-paid, full-time worker for a part-time, menial need. 

3) This informal system worked fine for more than a hundred years of shared prosperity. Right up to the 2000s.

4) Suddenly,  everyone including 10-year-olds,  had to have: iPhones, tablets and air Jordans.  A good education was fine,  but you by god (little “g”) better not f with my f’ing bling.

5) Business in America becomes so expensive and restrictive due to over-regulation that entire companies move their operations overseas,  making good paying jobs even harder to find.  The government takes over health care,  ultimately driving those costs beyond “through the roof”.

6) The education system is overhauled to make it easier for underachievers to keep up with the best of the best. The result is an overall dumbing down of all our children so that we can’t compete in the global marketplace and we slowly become a “services only” supplier.  Manufacturing is too costly.  Benefits and overall compensation are cut or become far more costly…because,  well,  wtf else is going to pay for it?  

7)  those who for some reason want to make a career out of part-time work sue for a $15/hr. part-time wage, pushing employers over the top and sealing the lid on that particular coffin shut.  

8) (Prediction) part time positions in 90% of that job market are automated, sending countless millions of additional lost souls to the food stamp lines…

9) In the meantime,  Democrats claim the job market is booming, while 95 million able-bodied, adult, Americans are OUT OF THE WORFORCE!

10) Millennials want to know why employers are only offering positions they can afford to fill…like,  25 hours per week,  whenever they want you there, with few or no bennies and not much pay either. 

11) Reality calls out and says,  “There are consequences to every decision made.  Especially when we vote.  So we must think about the long and short term consequences of our decisions before we make them.”

If we ask ourselves that one question first,  might we not avoid going down this road again?  

My point is that we the people spoke,  and this is what we got in return.  Business is business.  If they ain’t making money,  why are they there?  That’s reality.  If we make it impossible for companies to thrive,  and that means making as much profit as they (legally and ethically) can, then jobs are just a side issue.  We as a nation will fail.  This is how Capitalism works.

Being patriotically challenged is all that’s “Left”

​”Hamilton” has come to the Bay Area.  Typically leftish as we would expect around here, there was a rush on for tickets which were nearly sold out before the vast majority of potential buyers got a chance to buy.  Apparently, if you were “in the know” you got advanced access to buy tickets.  My, oh my, how the elites have fallen, eh?  They are now cutting each other’s throats instead of ours.  Shouldn’t we be grateful?  But I digress.  Do you wonder whether or not these ticket buyers knew they were contributing to a racist effort?  Do they know that this play issued a “no-white” casting call?  Yes, of course they knew.  They’re liberals.  They thrive on racism. 

In other news today, one headline reads, “US narrows science gap”.  Sounds great, huh?   Then you read the rest.  The “gap” we’ve narrowed is the achievement gap between our privileged students and our disadvantaged ones.   Oh, now I am literally laughing my ass off at these clowns.  Sure we’ve narrowed the gap.  We’ve been dumbing down our society for years now, concentrating those efforts in k-12 education.  It eventually had to have some effect.  I’m sure our educators are tickled pink and feel they deserve YUGE raises.

Those doomsday folk in the “green” industry are worried the Donald may not be too friendly towards their cause.  Ya think?  You and you’re lefty comrades spit all over him for an entire year. What, exactly, is it that you think he’s owes you?  I’d venture a guess that he owes you a good head slap. Then he should tell you to go fish. 

Colin Kaepernick apparently knows he’s done with the Forty Whiners.  He’s selling his home here in the bay area and buying a Tribeca condo on Manhattan’s west side.   This is wonderful news.  If I have to see much more in the way of media-slobbering over an overpaid failure because he’s disrespecting our flag and country, well, I might just get cranky.  One could say that a small group of assholes (the media) is making it possible for one loser punk asshole to ruin a sport for an entire community, but that would be to ignore the millions of bay area assholes who think he’s a peachy keen free-speecher, who, oh btw, just happened to not even bother to vote.  Please, Colin, go away.   You’ll be just as pampered in NYC.  They’re mostly idiot’s there too.

Yes folks, stupid still is. 

Talk back

As the left loses is collective mind, I am quietly celebrating our rebirth. What a dramatic turn of events this week delivered. I have to say though, that it has been exhausting.  Between Veterans Day events…all week long. ..and election day,  with all of its ramifications, I am well and truly done in.  I was happy to see that the rioting is dropping off. Poor dears must be running out of RedBull.

After reading another slew of the ridiculous sob stories of pampered high school and college mush brains,  I decided to respond to the newspaper’s  “Talk Back” issue of the day: “Are you comfortable with Donald Trump becoming president?  Yes or No.”

Aside from normal decency, the only rule is, your response has to be no more than 175 words, which rule gets bent regularly depending on how left you’re opinion is, ahem.  And,  oh by the way,  how do you say “yes” or “no” in 175 words?

Now,  I used to be printed here once a month on average.  There has apparently been a changing of the guard at the Times, because I haven’t been printed in six months now.  I was less antagonistic in this one so, we’ll see. The following is my entry. 

​From the beginning of this epic election season there have been two issues of paramount importance to me.  Both ultimately influenced my vote more than all else. 

The first issue has to do with SCOTUS.  No matter what political stripe you wear, your choice for president should reflect what you expect from the highest court in the land.  For me,  the prospect of having the USA’s landscape dramatically transformed with possibly three new socialist Clinton appointees on the bench, produced strike one for her.

The second big issue behind my vote was Benghazi.  Although it has not been proven that either Secretary Clinton  or President Obama were at fault in the brutal deaths of those four men,  it was also not proven that they weren’t.  In my opinion, there is enough circumstantial evidence of mishandling to be concerned at least. Regardless,  that men were left behind is unforgivable to a veteran. Since there is doubt of her innocence based on the simple fact that she LIED about the cause, that’s strike two and three, Clinton is OUT.

Aside from that,  I am also very comfortable with a Trump presidency because the USA is going to shine again.  Eight yeasts of dull stinks.