It begins

I’ve been threatening this for almost a year now.  I think the time has come.  This is the perfect place and time to kick start the “Engage Me” project.  I have access to all kinds of artistic talent and facilities here at Las Positas College and I intend to take advantage.

Since starting this Mass Communications class, I’ve seen some of the more extreme examples of social media’s effect on lives, companies, regimes et al.  It is both frightening and inviting at the same time.  My little world of beating up liberals on Facebook isn’t even a zit on the butt end of worldwide interconnectivity via this new media.

In class, we are learning to use some of the tools associated with the new media phenomenon.  The following is a presentation I created using, a simple but truly amazing tool.  I’ve only incorporated the very basic components available in the interest of getting all my assignments done on time.  Still, this is a great starting point for my project and I can certainly build on this as I go.  It’s important to note that had I tried doing this several years ago, I’d have taken days to do so.  I finished this admittedly simple presentation in two hours.

Engage Me

God save me, but I can’t do this fast enough…


I’d meant to publish this in it’s musical format in memory of my Brothers, but I’m just not there yet.  My voice is still shot, my guitar work is shaky, so, I decided to let it go as is for today and I’ll get back to the musical version as I can.  They wont mind as long as I didn’t forget.

RIP Santi.  I know you’re watching.  I miss you Brother.  Hi to Prince and Rex.

Engage Me

What was the price I was supposed to pay?

What quest did I fail, to whom should I pray?

Did I come back too whole to warrant your greetings?

Was my soul not enough, or were your graces too fleeting?

Best friends dying, some gone in the head

Others are drowning in poisons instead

No one back home cares a damn for this mess

They wish it was over they do confess


Engage me

I’m not a name on a wall

Engage me

Just one little call

Engage me

Why do you stall

Engage me

This will end in a fall


If you live through the chaos and make it back home

They’ll think you’ve been brainwashed, a killer drone

If you don’t conform and act just like them

You’ll be banished for life, scorned and condemned

People will leave you without recourse

No one will show one bit of remorse

They’re done with you now, you’ve outlived your need

Move along soldier, we’ve got a new breed


Engage me

There’s a price on my head

Engage me

I’ve made mistakes that I dread

Engage me

I’ve been so scared that I fled

Engage me

Give me some purpose instead


Once you were golden, the cream of the crop

The best of the best that no one could stop

Your buds had your six, they kept you alive

Twenty-four seven, three sixty-five

Now you’re a nothing, you’re on your own

Left for dead in the VA zone.

Nothing can be done, there’s nothing we can do

Just roll over there, boy, join the twenty-two.


Engage me

I cannot live in this place

Engage me

So, I don’t fall on my face

Engage me

My choices end in disgrace

Engage me

Give me a chance in this race


Nobody warned us how you would turn

That in a moment you could burn

All that we gave, and all that we saved

You’d be happy to lend us an early grave.

What if we didn’t answer the call

What if we turned away from the brawl

How would your towers still stand tall

What good would be done if we all fall


Engage me

I don’t want to be through

Engage me

I am one of you

Engage me

Can’t you see that it’s true

Engage me

I bleed red, white, and blue


I am just like you


What was the point?

Reflections: 9 APR 72: Don and I have the ammo dump again…better than the defoliant storage yard.  Those guys come back to the barracks with sores all over there bodies.  Jeff said he was having trouble breathing.  Lt sent him to the medics with Sarge.  Sappers have been back since we were here last week, track all over the scrub grass has the hounds going nuts.  Followed two different tracks to the fence just east of the end of the airstrip this time.  Bullshit, they aint coming from Ho Hoa, the small ville just beyond the north end of the fence line.   every time we track them backwards they bring us here or near here.  The sappers we are plagued by are locals.  That’s for certain sure as far as I’m concerned.  I’m watching the ville like a hawk when I work here and I’m going to tell the guys to do the same.  There aint no damn berm here…just fence wire and mines.  Them little fuckers squirm through the mines like pit vipers.  Shift ends with no further sightings or sniffings either…damnit!  WTF, are we here for?  These fuckers are our damn neighbors.  Fuck it, it don’t men nuthin!
9 APR 15: I met with the shrink in the morning, then made my way to The Wall.  I hurried home only to miss Tai chi. I waited at starbucks for “H-wave” demo. I ended up in Wendy’s being demo’d right there no less. I thought she was going to ask me to pull my pants down to apply the electrodes???  She didn’t…thank God, I’ve never shown my bambi tat. I then ran home to change so I could race into San Fran for a 6pm screening of “The Last Days In Vietnam”, followed (and preceded) by copious consumptions of various liquid respinement, erm…refreshment.  There was also a sprinkling of very tasty snacks and wicked decadent deserts.  The highlight really was an awe inspiring speech from a true American hero, Capt Paul “Buddy” Bucha, US Army, recipient of the MoH.  IMO, the kind of guy guys like me would follow into hell for the right cause.  HOOAH!
The movie itself, though incredibly well done, was one of the most depressing of all movies.  It cements in one’s head the fact that we, the GREAT United States of America, let an entire people down.  Not just down but left to rot under communist slavery and mistreatment.  We did that!  Then we partied like it was 1999 for 40 years. Yes, let the good times roll…cuz, DAMN IT, IT DOES MEAN SOMETHING!  How can priorities get so skewed?
I watched yesterday’s warriors enduring a documentary about the fall of Saigon, the very symbol of our failure, gripping their chairs or their wives hands.  The booze flows freely and the stories grow in equal proportions to the amounts consumed. It seems that in spite of our numbers each of us is alone in our grief.
I will not drink. I cannot bear the surrender of these great warriors to oblivion. I choose to remember their spirits from another day. I remember when they soared with the eagle. I departed with a sense of closure.  I needn’t come this way again.


I can but ditto this Marine’s sentiments…

EDITED 8/28/2014: Thanks to Greg Sanders for the correction.  The Secretary of Defense did attend the funeral.  I suppose that’s something.

Major General Harold Greene was killed in Afghanistan on August 8, 2014 while serving his country in pride for 34 years. As of 1972, he was the highest ranking officer in the military killed in action since the Vietnam war.  President Obama has not mentioned anything in regards to this highly decorated soldier yet he spoke highly of Robin Williams who committed suicide. He was buried August 14 in the Arlington National Cemetary. Neither the President, Vice President, Secretary of State nor Secretary of Defense attended the funeral. President Obama was on vacation, playing golf at Martha’s Vineyard. No flags were ordered to half mask yet they were for Whitney Houston who also committed suicide.  I find this very offensive and disrespectful to the veterans who have served our great country. But then again, why does this not surprise me.
Do what you want with this email but I am sending it on.
David Eads
USMC 1971-1973
Our country is in dire need of leadership and we are not going to get it from whatever it is we have now.
PLEASE…Revolt with your vote.

You have to see this tribute, it’s like no other. It brought tears to my eyes. | The Veterans Site Blog

You have to see this tribute, it’s like no other. It brought tears to my eyes. | The Veterans Site Blog.

I only cry for my brothers and sisters in arms. I am crying now because all those Americans showed up and that Marine didn’t flinch once. OORAH!