Elderly Vets under fire?

Nearly nothing had been nudging my nebulous noodle for nigh on a never-ending story.  Then this popped up.

Christ, please give me a break.  Believe it or not, this is the very benefit I was just awarded.  We are just now getting all our “new” benefits sorted out.  Health care for spouse, dental and vision for me, commissary cards, tax benefits for home, etc., let alone an income we can afford to live here on…and now it’s maybe all going away.  OOF!

I have no words.  Thanks God I’m busy doing homework…FRACK! (Yes, I had to edit that last word five or so many times).  I’m trying.  Actual students may read this stuff now.  YIKES!

I still have no inspiration…none…hoping school reopens the channels.  Not writing sucks and now I’m afraid it will all be black, black, black anyway.

Twitter is fun actually, but micro-blogging just doesn’t suffice.  I can’t properly fricassee a politician in 140 characters.

Damn!  You pissed me off, Donald Trump! #sayitaintso

Damn these Moonbeams!


I’ve been marveling at the beauty that is California when she’s had enough to drink.  The hills around us are so green they literally send my mind soaring across the sea to another green place I’ve been.  I do miss Ireland, me travels about her and me river walks for sure. Unfortunately, all this beauty comes with a price.

The damn at Oroville is just one example of a severely crumbling and neglected infrastructure here in California. And yet, the folks running the show in Sacramento, the Moonbeam Team, are possessed with building an unneeded high-speed rail system and water tunnels that will bypass and wreak havoc on the natural bay area ecosystem.


Now, I daren’t say that we ought to forget the obviously more important issues of the day (tongue-in-cheek); like getting more NorCal water to the water-hogs in the LA basin so the elites can guzzle more for their lawns, hot-tubs and pools, in favor of NOT screwing up the bay area’s ecosystem, forever.  Nor would I dare suggest that our being the first in the nation to have that coveted high-speed rail system running (even if it runs from nowhere to nowhere) wasn’t a more dire need than fixing the abhorrent road surfaces all over this quickly decaying mess the Moonbeamites have made of California.

Aside from diverting infrastructure funding to his plans for the rail system, funds that could and should have been used to shore up this and many of California’s other failing dams, levees, sewer and water sytems, roads, ad infinitum; Moonbeam continues to push both the rail and water tunnel projects, the funding of which must come from Cali’s own coffers.  So strapped are we by his idiot’s dance of economic suicide, he is now begging at the federal trough for emergency funds to deal with the rain damage from a president he just finished spitting all over with his sanctuary policies.  And just for good measure, there’s way more rain in the forecast.

Moreover, and in spite of the multi-year drought we are recovering from, there are no plans to build more reservoirs for water storage?  Just think what we could do with the coming spring melt from the mountains, which hasn’t even started yet, itself at record high levels, had we the foresight to build reservoirs rather than spend billions on a functionless rail system that is already so far overbudget as to bankrupt a small country…


In passing Californians watch billions of acre-feet of precious life-giving water running away to the sea every single day.  But hell, we laid another 50 feet of track today and it only cost an estimated $250 million…give or take.

So too, he continues to drive a water tunnel project that will destroy the bay area ecosystem.  There is no doubt of this.  Make no mistake, in water-short years, and there will be more of those here, there always are;  because of the tunnels’ diversion, there will be too little flow through the delta to sustain it.  It will die.  This is insanity run amok and it originates with Moonbeam Jerry Brown.  The man needs to be committed.  He’s gone way over the edge.


Hey, Jerry here’s some ideas for you to try out:

  • Instead of killer tunnels in my neighborhood, build desalination plants all along the south coast.  Problem solved.  Leave NorCal’s water alone.
  • Fix the roads, dams, levees, pipes, sewers…etc.
  • Secure the power grid.
  • While you’re at it, run your high-speed and tunnel plans where the sun doesn’t shine.

Ah, but my words fall on deaf ears.  Moonbeam is as batty as Pelosi and the electorate is pretty much all hooked on stupid.  He (and his cronies) win.  Cali loses.  So does the USA.  Cali, when functioning, is the economic powerhouse of the Americas.  It’s why I moved here.  Ho-hum!

Who knows, maybe this collapse will be a wake up call and Reagan’s California will rise again.  Yeah, right.  They moved to Texas.

Love Yates’ hates

I am reading with delight about the downfall of poor miss “I’m better than thou”, formerly known as the attorney general of the United States of America.  This brain envious dolt can’t speak for herself,  so the peons of mediocrity known as the mainscream media are interviewing folks with names like,  “a person familiar with her thinking” and also,  “a person familiar with the situation but not authorised to discuss it by name”.  I remember those two guys.  I think they had something to do with deflated footballs.  As you must know by now,  this is false-speak.  A common tool used by the lefty media when they have nothing else.  It’s also called, “LYING THROUGH THEIR FEKKIN TEETH”.  It has become the only method of communication that works with their idiot masses.

Back to our buddy, Sally.  So,  the person who is familiar with her thinking, says Sally refused her lawful orders because she was afraid it would disadvantage Muslims and favour Christians. My question: Does this person know if Sally actually said this,  or does the person think Sally thinks this?  It’s a very important distinction.  It will determine whether or not Sally thinks. You see the importance, right?  Sally might actually be a recording.  Aha! Bet you never considered that, huh?  I know,  I know,  that’s why I get the big bucks. 😕

Sally Yates apparently also didn’t feel comfortable encouraging this policy within the agency. So, she decided on her own that she didn’t have to do her job.   Somehow, defiance of a direct order from her supreme commander doesn’t add up to insubordination, though.  Mean, mean President Trump for firing her.

The person who knew about the situation but. .., oh never mind.  The other liar tells us Yates figured she’d get fired but wouldn’t resign. Ho-hum, yes please, let’s have some more waste in government.  After all, what’s a little mutiny compared to the ten trillion in additional debt incurred by these people?

An old Obama drone, Bill Baer, bemoans the loss of the department’s independence.  Well, since the last regime turned the department into its own private cesspool of lefties supporting Obama’s progressive socialist agenda, yeah, they ought not just be reined in for a while, they should be purged, purified, pureed, and plain ole punched in the nose until they go home and STFU, preferably forever.

Obama brought this on and apparently the has-been hasn’t had enough yet.  It appears, however, that President Trump is a willing player and he plays well.  Bring it on Barry.  Let’s complete the debunking of your legacy so that we never make this mistake again.  Bring it.  Become the loser you’ve been itching to be these past fifty or so years. Please!

Obstruct away lefties. YOU’RE NOT AS STRONG AS YOU THINK.  More Americans are coming over to our way of thinking every day as you show your true treasonous, anarchist colours. Americans are for America first.  It’s time for even the Obuttheads to get on board…or get the fuck off, or come mid-terms, the Democrats will no longer be a viable counter to the Republicans. They will have been made defunct by themselves onward into obscurity.  I’m not sure I’ll miss them.

Definition of “Obuttheads”: all those suffering from

  • gimme free stuff syndrome
  • only one color lives matter syndrome
  • hopey-changey syndrome
  • Deplorables are the minority syndrome
  • Killery is good syndrome
  • health care is for someone else to pay syndrome
  • Radical Islam will love us if we give them free stuff syndrome
  • Radical Islam will not cut off your head when you show up with your gay lover syndrome
  • it’s okay to kill cops syndrome
  • it’s  okay to weaken our defences so we can have more free stuff syndrome
  • it’s  okay to piss on our allies syndrome
  • it’s okay to be a useless drone, acquire a go nowhere college degree and then continue sucking our society dry syndrome from our safe space closet.

you get the idea. ..



The hopes we have…

What Trump could do.

What I see in my mind’s eye, when I think about the results of a Trump presidency, partially described by Ron Paul.

I do NOT see Trump reforming the nation so much that we revert back to any of the boogeyman fears being thrown about.  I DO see a change from the previous mentality in several other respects.

  • I believe Veterans will see a YUGE bump in care and competence at the VA, or heads WILL roll.
  • I believe the war on the Police will soon be OVER!  The gloves should come off at least.
  • I believe SCOTUS will be returned to being a bastion of strict constitutional justices, thus preserving the union, as it was meant to be, for years to come.
  • I believe we will reestablish our credentials with our true allies, Britain and Israel prominent among those.
  • I believe education will return to an emphasis on the three Rs to begin with and then Science.  The only thing common about education will be the good ole “common denominator”.  Charter and non-secular schools will show the way and public schools will catch on or catch fire.  A&E may take a hit, but it is just A&E, after all.  We are saving a nation here and we already know Hollyhood doesn’t care.
  • I believe religion will once again be an okay thing, all religion, and that the myth of a predominantly anti-Muslim right, will be dispelled through kindness, even as we eradicate the real threat of radical Islam.  Note that there are millions of Muslims involved in that struggle, on our side, already.  This is not new.
  • I believe we will win that war too, but NOT without the help of those millions of Muslims.
  • I believe a newly deregulated industry and energy independence, both accomplished without burning down the barn environmentally, will lead the USA through the present malaise in  our business might.  We are not as well off as these inflated economic figures we are shown today seem to infer.  One day the TRUE numbers of unemployed will be known, to include the millions taken off the work force altogether when their benefits ran out and they still had no job.  One day the true nature of the theft of our nations wealth which was transferred to trillions in debt instead, will be revealed.  BUT WE WILL RECOVER!
  • I believe the IRS, the FED, the FBI, the CIA, the Pentagon, the NSA and all the other myriad alphabet bureaucracies that make up our convoluted form of government, will begin to function as designed again.  I don’t know if the recovery will be total.  It would seem that eight years might be needed.
  • I believe, sadly, that the rift between right and left will continue through a midterm that will, thankfully however, have brought more Americans to our side, and thus result in a senatorial majority too, enabling some real USA friendly legislation contributing greatly to our then growing wealth.
  • I believe that government and ultimately business in general will once again be focused on the USA first.
  • I believe we’ll all look back four years from now and say, “Wow.  What a great trip this has been.”  Those of us smart enough to get on board, that is.
  • I believe a renewed Military will quieten the recently amplified drumbeat of oppression heard across the earth.  When the USA draws red lines and the world knows that we NOW stand firmly on those red lines, the bad actors will stand down.  They always have.  They only stood up recently when we retreated into a pseudo-safe space sanction mentality that our adversaries laughed at as they took whatever the hell they wanted to take…and we backed up a little more each time, casting the most egregious verbiage at the Iranians, Russians, Syrians, North Koreans, Chinese…etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum.  Retreating is not winning.
  • I believe there will be a reckoning of health care issues that will leave us all in agreement if not all completely satisfied.
  • I believe the same will come true in regards to Social Security and Medicare.
  • I believe that even the most hateful of anarchistic lefties will come around, because they also like their Calvin Klein undies, and that sixty dollar an hour job they just got on January 20 only lasts for a week or so, if that.
  • I believe freedom will ring and the flag will fly.

Are you done now?



Can we get on with it, please.  Look at it this way; those of you in the opposition have four years to prove us deplorable ones wrong.

Too many to list, the categories I’ve selected for this piece tell the tale of the tape…these things are at stake, good and bad.  It is our duty as citizens, all of us, to hold him, and them, to the fire.

Stand and deliver Mr. President Trump.  Stand and deliver!

It is time to start being GREAT again.




Scare tactics are a Republican thing. Oh, wait…

Scare tactics are a Republican thing. Oh, wait…


At first blush, this sounds a reasonable assumption. By the time I got to its woeful ending, I couldn’t help but think, “what an incredibly gifted writer”.  I didn’t realize he was leading me by the nose until the last two paragraphs.  Then I thought,  “Sumbich!  Very few left-handed folks will catch on to it and by the time they get to the end,  they’ll believe it like the bible thumpers believe the LGBT community is our biggest problem.”  In other words,  whatever Donald’s team comes up with,  in the eyes of the left-handed masses,  it will be a failure coming out of the box.  Tricksy Hobbitses!

I would need to do some research to have the numbers right,  but one claim the writer (Ricardo Alonso-Saldivar) made had to do with the #s of uninsured before and after the ACA was enacted,  and the supposed #s after meany Trump has his way.  Now,  I thought Obama’s team must have used some pretty scary math in figuring the whole ACA thing in the first place.  But this Ricardo guy,  holy cow.   All I could imagine was that little girl with her head spinning in the “Exorcist”.

He’s begins with a broad statement about 30 million possibly losing health care insurance if an immediate replacement for the ACA is not in place before it’s repeal.  By the end of the article,  the number magically jumps to 59 million by 2019,  which of course means that nasty Trump will have left more folks uninsured than was the case even before the ACA and hero Obama arrived on the scene.  That was one fekkin amazing progression of thought without an apparent hiccup.

When you think back,  what # of uninsured did they claim existed before the ACA?   As I recall,  it was between 30 and 40 million.  So,  from the viewpoint of the left,  it logically wouldn’t do to have the same 30 to 40 million affected by its repeal, right?  No sir,  big, bad,  horrible,  heartless Trump must have made it worse.   For good measure then,  let’s add 20 million to the figure.  The 50% of Americans who still believe the left’s BS will buy it hook,  line,  and sinker;  thus possibly dooming Trump’s efforts from the git go.  Harken back to how republicans reacted to Obama’s stated ideals and the path forward he was projecting for us in 2004 and again in 2008.  Of course,  we didn’t try to burn the country down.  We were in the minority.  We knew it and we accepted it.  Most important to note about all that is that,  we,  the Republicans,  weren’t involved in any decisions made by the Obamites again until we rested control of the house from them in the midterms.  Not because we didn’t want to be,  or that we didn’t deserve to be…we did represent near 50% of the voting public after all,  but because the Obamites decided we weren’t needed.  They never gave us a chance to put the brakes on,  by design.  Regardless,  today’s Democrat is no less adamant about opposing republican ideals than we were back then.  What they do to oppose the new leaders,  however,  may not be what we might consider to be as accepting as we were when the roles were reversed.

For the record,  the only conclusive statements made about Trump’s plans for Healthcare, have been about his desire to repeal the ACA.  The actual time frame involved has not been decided but it is believed the repeal will be delayed up to even a couple of years to give Congress time to write a replacement law.  There have been suggestions made that certain parts of the act will be repealed relatively soon,  like the unpopular provision that states all Americans must have health insurance or be fined.  However,  suggestions also say the replacement law would presumably do many of the same things the ACA does,  such as subsidizing coverage while protecting people with existing health problems.  Again, regardless,  we know nothing yet.  So now,  of course,  and with great immediacy,  the left must try to nail Trump’s coffin shut.  Why wait?

The writer makes mention of these “good” things in passing but surrounded by the nay-sayer’s mantra that “Trump can do no good”.   For my money,  anything is better than the ACA.  As it stands,  prices for even the cheapest policies have more than tripled (200/month for an individual has grown to 600),  coverage is less than a third of what it was (think deductibles, ours went from 1500 per insured to 10,000) and there is no end in sight.  If things remain as they are now,  we will not be able to afford this and still eat,  so we’ll end up going without insurance for my spouse,  and hope we can get her on CHAMPSVA,  or we’ll be taking a chance on racking up huge medical debt.  We do not qualify for subsidies but we sure do pay into them.  Justice you say?   I say, FEKK OFF!

IMO,  whatever Trump’s team comes up with has to be better.  If making health insurance affordable again for the 250 million or so who were affordably insured before the ACA (but are now NOT affordably insured at all) will cause that 30 to 40 million to lose their subsidized insurance under the ACA,  but replaces that with something actually economically feasible for all of us, then I’m all for it.  We can figure out what to do about those folks without it breaking my bank and therefore allowing me to be able to insure my spouse again, too.  Those millions will not be tossed under the bus,  and,  oh btw,  they weren’t neglected before either,  in spite of what the liberal press like to infer.  The fact that I had to face the unhappy NON-choice of paying for someone else to have insurance while my spouse had to go without,  should have been all the argument necessary to blow the ACA into space the moment the liar-in-chief introduced it.  Instead,  the lefty press caused those like me who opposed this terrible legislation,  to look like racist,  selfish,  pigs.


May you all pay for that for a very long time,  vis-à-vis,  Republican,  conservative leadership for decades or whatever it takes to right this extremely fekked up ship we call the USA.  I often find myself wishing that Nancy fekkin Pelosi and Obama die poor, unloved and uninsured.  That would be true justice for making me worry about my love’s health.  FEKK YOU ARESHOLES FOREVER!  Then again,  Karma’s a bitch,  so,  never mind that last…

While they’re at it, they can get their greedy fingers out of my SS and Medicare. That’s MY retirement.  NO ONE ELSE’S.  GET YOUR FEKKIN HANDS OFF.  I PAID FOR IT WITH MY MONEY.  PISS THE FEKK OFF!   AND THAT INCLUDES YOU DONALD TRUMP.

Y’all have a nice day, now. 😆😈😇;)


It’s the most wonderful time in 8 years – Yet some kids are protesting – while Trump fans investing their time with good cheer – Sing It’s the most wonderful time in 8 years.

Why so cheap? 

​Written in response to an FB post about the unfairness of the job market today.  Consequences folks,  consequences…

The evolution of the job market in America from an old-school, part-timer’s view point:

1) in the beginning,  companies offer part-time jobs so teens and other students, young couples needing an extra few bucks a week and people just starting out in the workforce can get their feet wet. 

2) these jobs pay less than full-time jobs for many reasons,  and rightfully so.  This allows companies to “afford” to have basic functions performed without breaking the bank and without having to hire another higher-paid, full-time worker for a part-time, menial need. 

3) This informal system worked fine for more than a hundred years of shared prosperity. Right up to the 2000s.

4) Suddenly,  everyone including 10-year-olds,  had to have: iPhones, tablets and air Jordans.  A good education was fine,  but you by god (little “g”) better not f with my f’ing bling.

5) Business in America becomes so expensive and restrictive due to over-regulation that entire companies move their operations overseas,  making good paying jobs even harder to find.  The government takes over health care,  ultimately driving those costs beyond “through the roof”.

6) The education system is overhauled to make it easier for underachievers to keep up with the best of the best. The result is an overall dumbing down of all our children so that we can’t compete in the global marketplace and we slowly become a “services only” supplier.  Manufacturing is too costly.  Benefits and overall compensation are cut or become far more costly…because,  well,  wtf else is going to pay for it?  

7)  those who for some reason want to make a career out of part-time work sue for a $15/hr. part-time wage, pushing employers over the top and sealing the lid on that particular coffin shut.  

8) (Prediction) part time positions in 90% of that job market are automated, sending countless millions of additional lost souls to the food stamp lines…

9) In the meantime,  Democrats claim the job market is booming, while 95 million able-bodied, adult, Americans are OUT OF THE WORFORCE!

10) Millennials want to know why employers are only offering positions they can afford to fill…like,  25 hours per week,  whenever they want you there, with few or no bennies and not much pay either. 

11) Reality calls out and says,  “There are consequences to every decision made.  Especially when we vote.  So we must think about the long and short term consequences of our decisions before we make them.”

If we ask ourselves that one question first,  might we not avoid going down this road again?  

My point is that we the people spoke,  and this is what we got in return.  Business is business.  If they ain’t making money,  why are they there?  That’s reality.  If we make it impossible for companies to thrive,  and that means making as much profit as they (legally and ethically) can, then jobs are just a side issue.  We as a nation will fail.  This is how Capitalism works.