Baseball and fairy dust


Just watched Baltimore Oriole 3rd baseman, Machado’s 5 minute, foul mouthed, diatribe over getting thrown at by Red Sox pitchers.  The fairy hasn’t been hit yet.  But he can score a 7.5 on the Richter Scale for bleeping the mics at an interview.

Hey there, fairy dust boy, keep your bleeping spikes on the bleeping ground where they bleeping belong, or be bleeping ready for bleeping retaliation, you bleeping bleep.  This is BASEBALL, not badminton, you bleeping cupcake.

These bleeping twits are ruining my bleeping game.  Piss off you bleeping South American sissies.  Stay the bleep home and earn 20 bleeping pesos a game instead. Bleeping cry-baby millionaire bleepholes!



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