Time wasn’t caught


 What if there wasn’t any reason at all

To wake up, take a chance, maybe a fall?

Why not just stay under, far out of touch,

Never see sunlight, people or such?

There always seems to be somebody’s cause

Something to save, or to give us pause.

Shouldn’t there be, just occasionally,

Nothing at all, on an endless sea

Of no need or want, no lack or pain,

Only an open field, on those great fruited plains?

Did I miss the turning point, go the wrong way?

Was there some other duty or tariff to pay?

Where did freedom lose my life?

Since when did honor bear only strife?

Time made me think that I could still win

Then drew me down to where safety thins.

Where there isn’t room to hide within

Where only God doesn’t fear the din.

Where I dance and writhe in blood-soaked skin.

What if there wasn’t any reason at all?

What if you had to make that call?

Who would you blame then, what would you say?

If you looked in my eyes and couldn’t look away.

“You’re too poor.”  “You’re angry.” “You don’t fit in”

“No, I can’t help you.  Good bye.” With a grin?

Where did your heart go, can you not feel the swell?

What coldness allows that you can’t even tell

That you’ve become the very evil we fought

That in the end, it was you who was caught,

While feelings, truth and time were not.


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