I wake

Today I wake with a new resolve.

Today I’ll make my stand.

These many years I took to evolve

I hardly raised my hand.

Can I make a difference in a day?

Can I turn the tide my way? 

Is there ever a time when it’s okay

To drop out and refuse to stay

What do I tell my only friend?

When I won’t face the pain.

How will a broken heart ever mend

If I let the fear remain.

I love you forever with all my heart

I would never choose to part

If a single thought I could impart

I’d ponder a new start
I have awoken and feel like writing.  It’s been a draining few days while I absorb all that’s happened.  The CM&P  phsych-interview I had coupled with the breakthrough about that Major has had me in a funk for sure.  It’s processed now and I’m ready to move on.

On to Burtt…;)

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