Now, what was that about “popular”?

Trump hauls in more small donor $ than Clinton and Sanders combined.

How did Uncle Donald get so much $ from small donors, him being so unpopular and all, I wonder?  Are Donald supporters more sure of their choice than Democrats?  Are Democrat supporters, well, some of them, fake?  You know, phony, non-existent, unreal, uncounted and undocumented, or counted but also deceased perhaps?

How was another Trump landslide victory like this NOT reported?

Sometimes you just gotta laugh!

One thought on “Now, what was that about “popular”?

  1. Fair weather friends Vs friends through thick and thin. Dhimmi’s have the first, The Don has the second.

    And it showed.

    I never watched his TV show, and I didn’t follow him as a billionaire playboy – I simply didn’t care about either, and I had/have better things to do and think about. I supported him because I thought him raesonably open & honest, he would do what he said cuz’ he was NOT a lying politician by trade, and he seemed to be just a “regular Joe Six-pack” that cared about his country and the people in it. I also liked his “style.” That says a lot about a man…

    Thirty days in, seems like he’s as good as his word. Troubles? No, just a learning curve, no worse than those that came before – though better than most, with fewer mistakes.

    I think I can see the new day just now breaking over the Eastern horizon… and I like it. 😉

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