about  Burtt and writing

Some of you have been following along with Burtt’s story.  Me too. 😉

Just a note about the progression.

I started out with the idea of trying my hand at writing a short story. Burtt and his sister, Ssyndi, was the result.  I hadn’t intended it to go beyond there with those characters,  but the story was building itself in my head as I wrote.  I couldn’t end it,  so I chaptered it.  I’m up to #7 now, and there’s at least three more chapters awaiting words in the jumble factory upstairs I sometimes refer to as my head. I’m told I could easily turn the 6 chapters I’ve written into 10 or more. 

Originally,  I paid no attention to such things as how these dregs of society, my characters, would learn proper language skills if they never were exposed to a school.  So,  when I got on to chapter 2, then 3 and 4, I had to adjust. As it is,  they will all eventually have stronger language skills,  those who want to.  But right now they should and do talk like street denizens.  I also decided that even though it’s all in vogue to cuss and be vulgar,  to limit that to mostly PG-13 stuff, which oddly enough, leaves me a lot of leeway.  In the meantime,  I have to go back and redo the dialogs to keep the storyline pure.  I’m doing that bit by bit, but it’ll take a while. I now wish I hadn’t made my characters so chatty.  ☺

What’s kind of funny?   As I’m redoing the dialogs, I see places that could have used more detail,  so I’m adding to the story too. Is that Poetic Liscense gone awry,  or what? 

To correct or not to correct;  that is the question. 😆😇😈;)

I write in word initially so editing is easier,  then drop the finished product into my blog for a final proof read,  then publish. It sure isn’t as easy as I thought,  aside from the writing itself. One thing I’ve found is that it doesn’t always follow that the formatting in your blog will be okay since it was in word.  Nope!  Nossir!  Nuh-uh!  Thus the final proof read.

So,  I’m not sure I would suggest publishing a book in a blog, but I would suggest you learn all the ins and outs of your blog first.  I’d have saved myself a lot of grief had I done the same.  Perhaps a blog with a stronger editor?  Or one easier to interpret?  Or a brighter mind?   😉

Good luck you aspiring scribblers, and write on.

2 thoughts on “about  Burtt and writing

  1. A hint Mike… do your manuscript in Word, but save it as a Rich Text File (RTF). That will remove a lot of the MS Word formatting (aka: Microsoft garbage!) that’s so confounding in WordPress.

    I do my some of my writing in a plain text file, or more often on Outlook (yeah, the email program) and save the drafts. Once completed, I save them as HTML, and they’re webpage ready for uploading (with some minor editing of the header stuff with an HTML web editor program). 😉

    Looking good so far brother … Rock On!!!

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