Bygone days, did they take hope with them?

When I was growing up,  we were taught the stories of people whose inventions and scientific  discoveries had expanded the lives of millions of other people. Today,  students are being taught to admire those who complain,  denounce and demand. -Thomas Sowell-

Ah, what I wouldn’t give to be able to string words together like that. Sigh!  Those two simple sentences sang, and will continue to sing now, and forever, in print and in my head. I’ve struggled to put words to the malaise I see, especially in the cities, every day.  Bam!  Sowell nailed it.  How long before it reaches into the heartland too?  This is Sowell’s last piece.  He is retiring, finally.  It’s been a long  and glorious career.  Unfortunately,  it seems he is not leaving on a high note,  and this piece is more a lament than projection of continued glory. To be sure,  he is not happy with today’s version of the “next” generation to take the reins.

Having lived long enough to have seen both “the greatest generation” that fought World War II and the gratingest generation that we see all around us today makes being a relic of the past more of a boast than an admission. -Thomas Sowell-

I have to agree. Who are our next leaders?  I don’t mean now.   I mean, ten twenty years from now, when it’s the gratingest one’s turn?  It’s  almost as if the idea of America has faded; that the land of the free and the home of the brave, isn’t anymore.  I can’t help but feel this is a result of a culture that persecutes patriots and opens its arms to illegals.  A culture where the call for absolute adherence to one version of  political correctness has us all suffering from extreme pucker factor every time we open our mouths to express our opinion. Well, all but us deplorables.

I can only see one question for the entire politically correct mentality.  If I can’t speak out against the government’s policies on,  oh,  let’s say immigration and refugees, because I might offend the foreigners, have my rights not just been trampled on?  What hope for the land of the free then?  What’s free about quashing MY free speech?  Why is it okay in comparison, to not just blindly allow illegal immigration, but to protect illegal alien murderers in sanctuary cities also?   How about  opening our borders to prospective terrorists without proper vetting?  Then, our media, some politicians and citizen’s too, castigate those patriots who dare to say, “Hey,  wait just a damn minute?”  What part of that scenario seems so good for America that so many of us would forego the freedom to stand up and speak our mind, just because someone’s feelings might be hurt, or so they say. Where is the hope in that?  I can’t imagine growing up with no hope.  I would be an ass, too.

Thomas Sowell, still and always my socio-political mentor. This fellow rocks.  Really,  he’s a fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institute. Google him. Make your brain hurt with wisdom for a change instead of worrying that your Redskins jersey might piss off that guy you think might be a native American, or that your fit bit didn’t count all your steps. See what hope looked like to a great American.  Then, grow up, buttercup.

One thought on “Bygone days, did they take hope with them?

  1. Fine words for a truly great man Mike. I too shall miss Dr. Sowell’s sagacious wit and full-life experienced wisdom he expresses so eloquently. He is a hero to those of us that appreciate and savor the creative, artful and elegant use of language.

    Even more so when we know how he got to where he is from so far down the socio-economic ladder of far less than humble beginnings.

    Ooh Rah Marine – Semper Fi. Fair winds and following seas…

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