Hacksaw Ridge, a teaching moment, if Michelle is willing to open her eyes and try to see something that ISN’T black or Barack.

​From an Alan West piece, thanks to my good friend Nick for the reference.  This is too perfect.  Alan is writing about his experience watching “Hacksaw Ridge” and how the movie is being shunned by the Hollywood croud.  He also touched on Michelle Obama’s obsession with creating a non-existent legacy for her husband.

West’s rebuke of these tools is spot on, IMO. Of course the libtard media is holding hands with Hollywood still. One has to wonder if they’ll ever figure out just how obsolete they have become.  Thank you for that Mr. Persistent Trump, and thank you, Alan West, for the brilliant insight.

I would assert this is why the movie Hacksaw Ridge is not being talked about for award and acclaim…because of its message of faith. If you just go to see this movie to be entertained, you’ll miss out on an incredible blessing. My wife and daughters teared up, Austen visibly cried. This is a powerful movie that all Americans need to see…especially Michelle Obama so she can see that hope — true hope — has nothing to do with Barack Obama.  Alan West.

We all already know that most Hollyhooders are basically worthless empty rich jerks who occasionally pretend they give a damn about the rest of us.  Better than that though, this piece is perfectly indicative of the first family’s attitude towards the office they hold. That they have no respect for anything or anyone but themselves is becoming more and more evident to even the most stalwart of liberal democrat shills.. In short…


The best thing to happen to America in the last fifty years will happen on January 20, 2017.


I will get down on my knees and pray that day. Not for the Obamas, not for the Dems, no, I’m afraid they are lost to us. I will pray a prayer of thanks to the almighty for sending us Donald Trump and for those wonderful middle Americans who put him in office.

Now, on three,



One thought on “Hacksaw Ridge, a teaching moment, if Michelle is willing to open her eyes and try to see something that ISN’T black or Barack.

  1. Onward Christian Soldiers…

    This is THE ONE movie I want to see, despite my personal abhorrence for, and normal avoidance of “war movies” with actors pretending to be real-life heroes. BT-DT, got the really ugly, torn and tattered T-shirt, and the scars that go with it. No compelling need to relive the nightmares, nor watching clowns trying to create them with cinematic trickery and accompanying nonsense.

    Who cares if the Oboe’s see this movie or not. What’s important is the message it sends to Joe and Jane Sixpack… who also happen to be voting, patriotic citizens of this fine nation.

    The point: Christian Soldier Recruiting to help fight in this ongoing war against Christianity and G_d himself.

    B’ezrat Hashem (with God’s help) my friend. 🙂


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