The day after and wtf happened to Burtt, you ask.

I’m working on it.  ;~)

Not much motivation to write with the little ones and Christmas about.  ‘Twas more fun that I could have hoped.

Burtt will be back, for those who care.  I’m about half way through his next adventure.

‘Til then…Uncle Barry has probably done something else that would piss off a real American, so I’m isolating until the bitch boy is sweeping streets again.

Jan 20.  The new American Holiday, NoBama Day!

14 thoughts on “The day after and wtf happened to Burtt, you ask.

  1. Yea!!! So much looking forward to NoMoBama day. I might even have a celebratory beer too – after the swearing in (OR is that at?) ceremony, of course!

    Hard to do, but I can wait for another episode of Burt’s Most Excellent Adventure. Gotta admit – I’m hooked. 🙂

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  2. Okay. Done with daily rant. Now on to more important things. Burtt swings into action with the fourth installment of his saga late today, or early tomorrow. I slept good, so I should be able to see long enough to finish, but one never knows.
    One of the things I have found I hate most about aging is the gradual loss of sight that comes with it. For me, if and when it ever becomes complete, I’ll go nuts If I’m not able to see what I write. Guess I’d better learn Braille before then, eh? Right now, I can read or write or play music (reading sheet music) for about 3 hours total, before my near vision pretty much blurs out completely. Then it’s TV or watch the air go by on the front porch. Sigh!
    To Burtt…

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    1. Mike, there are several possible causes of this vision problem you’re experiencing… and Burt can wait.

      By far the most common cause is simply eye fatigue. After periods of intense concentration, such as reading or use of a computer screen, some people will find that the muscles in their eyes become fatigued and have trouble focusing. This stress can affect one eye more than the other and may be the problem you’re experiencing, which usually is better after a good night’s sleep. In the interim, a 15-minute of rest for your eyes every two hours can be very helpful. That’s what I do – take a short break, using the time to just run mind movies of what I am thinking about most, eyes closed. 🙂

      Then, there are other, more serious problems that can cause blurry vision as well. For example if the blurry vision is associated with an increase in floaters and flashes of light, this may be a sign of retinal detachment. If there is redness of the eye or eye pain, then this may be a sign of increased eye pressure, such as from glaucoma. In some people, especially older adults with high blood pressure and other chronic conditions, blurry vision might be a sign of a Transient Ischemic Attack, which is a warning sign for stroke – and something that should be checked out immediately!! (This was something my eldest son experienced, and he did have a non-fatal but serious stroke after a few months of onset.)

      Finally, blurry vision might simply be part of a migraine headache, as part of the aura that precedes the headache. It sounds like you should probably discuss this issue with your primary care doctor and have a good physical and eye exam just to make sure there is nothing serious going on.

      Take care my good friend – and get your problem checked out… OK?

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      1. I’m thinking option “a”. No pressure or flashes. Though I’ve had a low grade headache since 1972, it hasn’t manifested itself in vision issues until now, if that’s the problem. I will seek help. It’s on my to do list when I call the VA call center later today. It’s actually been on my todo list for a couple of months. My other big problem is CRS…lol.

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  3. Smart move Mike.

    And yeah, CRS is a problem us “sexy seniors” tend to experience altogether too frequently.

    That’s why I take notes… seems lately, my brain is now more than ever before connected to my fingertips.

    BTW: I also have this weird habit of narrating into my little recorder as mind movies play in my head. Strange, but true nonetheless. It seems to be my brain’s choice of ways to bring the subconscious thoughts to the conscious, wide awake mind. I simply become the stenographer, duly recording the ad hoc script for posterity.

    Oh well… 🙂


    1. This is not time to push the envelope Mike… take the time you need to heal. That’s priority #! – take care of yourself. Doing that is a blessing for your family. They need all of you, not just part of you in their daily lives.

      Your fans can wait. 😉

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  4. Sorry…fat fingers. As I think about it, it does seem like they start out strong and willing but after a year or two, maybe 3, they start to lose their edge. You see then wince when you relate a particularly painful memory. I couldn’t do it.

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  5. And therein lies the great weakness for those that deal with the troubled human mind… empathy. Too little, they can’t relate and help. Too much, they sink into the abyss of rank depression by transference. It’s at that point the move to rely on pharmaceuticals rather than the actual practice of their trade – or they quit trying altogether. Some even quit the profession.

    One answer (to supplement counseling) is to start having those long chats with your dog when it’s just you two alone together. They’re great listeners, they do not interrupt, and you know they’ll still love you, no matter what. That’s one of the things that helped me seize back and maintain control of my own mind. Thanks Squeak, Dusty, Max, Jake and Lucky D (RIP), and now Ruby. 🙂

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