an atheist’s fears

​There is a fellow who used to write often to our local newspaper and his opinion is respected, I assume, since he was and still is printed quite often.  He is an atheist.  He’s incredibly intelligent, based on his vocabulary and an acerbic wit, the two indicators I value most in such determinations.  He has been notably quiet these last several years.  I have missed his diatribes since Obama came to office.  Mine own pale in comparison. He recently has returned to the written living, big surprise, since the opposite of his apparent hero, Obama, has been elected to replace him.

I won’t reprint the article. Suffice it to say, Burt was at his atheistic best denying us the right to persue our beliefs, if said profession of faith ocurred anywhere in his universe. HIs evidence for making such a claim?  Trump will select another religious zealot like Antonin Scalia for SCOTUS thus stomping all over everyone’s first amendment right. Oh, woe is us! 

I offered the following up in response.  I bet it doesn’t get published. 

Am I wrong to assume that since atheists don’t believe in God, they also do not fear God?  If so,  then I’m not sure I get what point Burt Bogardus was trying to make in his letter posted 12-22.  Was it just more of the mass hysteria surrounding the election of Donald Trump,  or is Mr. Bogardus that determined to deny us the religious freedoms guaranteed us by the very right he claims to be worried about. 

Is he more disturbed that Trump might select a strict conservative, like Antonin Scalia, for SCOTUS,  then he was by eight years of catastrophic socio-political interference from a White House bent on bypassing not just the houses of government but the highest court in the land also,  because Burt,  you’ve been virtually silent for eight years of that.

Can anyone honestly be that afraid of kids praying in public again? OH, MY!

Burt, sir, we have much bigger fish to fry.  Donald Trump is not the boogeyman.  The sky is not falling.   In four years your pockets will be so full you won’t remember this day. Spend that super intellect on something worthy, like, colonizing Mars.  Who knows,  perhaps God will be banned there?

Here,  saying my payers is my right.  It’s you’re right to put you ear buds in and ignore me.  That’s going to have to be good enough…for a while yet, anyway.   Merry Christmas, Burt!

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