Oh, the pain!

Those of you who are not my fakebook friends can’t know this.  I recently swore off all use of fake news sources in my daily rip-the-crap-out-out-killery/oblamer/reid/pelosi/ etc., regardless the effectiveness it seemed to have on Democrats and liberals in general. Of course, we didn’t get to that happy place-hedging our ethical ruler-until I conceded the need for fact checking anything if it slammed any of the above.  In my defense (ahem) I was hysterical with power.  All 8 of my closest FB followers and 2 more in other social media have had their political and real-news sense held sway for months now by my masterfully manipulative diatribes.  What?  (no emoticons in WP???  For shame!  There is great need of one here to exemplify the severity of this issue.) ;~)

So, I swore it all off, maybe.  The good nature of a gracious winner kicking in, you ask? Nah!  I blew a gasket with a friend…who happens to be an unabashed liberal.  As a result, I also swore to NOT post politics on fakebook anymore. (I may yet live to regret that). 

So, folks will once again be able to discern the truth from what they see and hear with the established regular, fake-news sources, such as, cnn/abc/cbs/nbc/mslsd/ap/snl and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Drivel.  Everyone and anyone can now just turn to me…until the midterms, maybe.

Buuuuuuut, (you knew that was coming, right?) I absolutely couldn’t deny this a place on my FB wall and of course here in the blogosphere. In light of the continuing hysteria of the DNC; the stained, exposed, debunked, obsolete media, and the insane anarchical socialist masses, already in pre-inaugural withdrawals weeks ago; I simply had to!

It is truth so dear

it soothes the ear

the time is so near

to what they fear

I am dismayed only that some still fear we too would actually allow such a thing, when we have ourselves in fact stopped that very evil from becoming reality in our lives by ending Obamunism. Taking the wrong step towards that slippery slope of socialist nirvana, that utopia of the mind only, can easily become your last free one.  We turned us away from it. But, we shall see.


Props to RedFlag News for the picture.


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