Its a Republic, stupid. The Electoral College is why we still are one.


The Post’s E J Dionne is continuing the war against the electoral college.  He thinks the millions of Democrat drones in the New York and California’s big cities should run the show.

Thank God Mr. Dionne is a “reporter”, ahem, and I use the term loosely since the last time Mr. Dionne actually did any reporting was in high school, no doubt, because he’s been missing the boat for years now.  We all know now that no one on the side of righteousness pays any real attention to these toadstools anyway.

This Republic still stands, Mr. Dionne, because of the courageous voters in the heartland who continuously push back against your brand of governmental debauchery.  I, for one, am and will be forever grateful to those hearty and righteous souls.  My own efforts to curb this urban insanity have fallen on deaf drone-ears.  There are way too many fools willing to drink the socialist nirvana Kool-Aid here where I tarry in California.  I’m afraid, this state is lost to this malady of entitlements and never having to be responsible for anything.  I pray for a return to the Halcion days of Reaganism when Californians, all of us, were proud to call California home, and we ALL WORKED to make it better.  Today we near a majority of leaches, sucking the system dry, who simply demand more free stuff, or else!  The Democrats have no choice but to feed their bulging greed or lose the whole shebang in one vote.  Their only hold on power is their ability to continue gerrymandering to their own ends, and giving Moonbeam’s teat-feeding masses whatever the hell they want.

Thankfully, this illness only exists in the big, always poverty ridden, near sewer like, festering DEMOCRAT LED cities.

Keep it up all of you OTHER Americans.  We can be “us” again.  We can be Great again too.  We have the right guy to make that happen now, so lets be at it and forget these naysaying socialist tools.

If we ignore them; they will leave…or at least, STFU!

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