Being patriotically challenged is all that’s “Left”

​”Hamilton” has come to the Bay Area.  Typically leftish as we would expect around here, there was a rush on for tickets which were nearly sold out before the vast majority of potential buyers got a chance to buy.  Apparently, if you were “in the know” you got advanced access to buy tickets.  My, oh my, how the elites have fallen, eh?  They are now cutting each other’s throats instead of ours.  Shouldn’t we be grateful?  But I digress.  Do you wonder whether or not these ticket buyers knew they were contributing to a racist effort?  Do they know that this play issued a “no-white” casting call?  Yes, of course they knew.  They’re liberals.  They thrive on racism. 

In other news today, one headline reads, “US narrows science gap”.  Sounds great, huh?   Then you read the rest.  The “gap” we’ve narrowed is the achievement gap between our privileged students and our disadvantaged ones.   Oh, now I am literally laughing my ass off at these clowns.  Sure we’ve narrowed the gap.  We’ve been dumbing down our society for years now, concentrating those efforts in k-12 education.  It eventually had to have some effect.  I’m sure our educators are tickled pink and feel they deserve YUGE raises.

Those doomsday folk in the “green” industry are worried the Donald may not be too friendly towards their cause.  Ya think?  You and you’re lefty comrades spit all over him for an entire year. What, exactly, is it that you think he’s owes you?  I’d venture a guess that he owes you a good head slap. Then he should tell you to go fish. 

Colin Kaepernick apparently knows he’s done with the Forty Whiners.  He’s selling his home here in the bay area and buying a Tribeca condo on Manhattan’s west side.   This is wonderful news.  If I have to see much more in the way of media-slobbering over an overpaid failure because he’s disrespecting our flag and country, well, I might just get cranky.  One could say that a small group of assholes (the media) is making it possible for one loser punk asshole to ruin a sport for an entire community, but that would be to ignore the millions of bay area assholes who think he’s a peachy keen free-speecher, who, oh btw, just happened to not even bother to vote.  Please, Colin, go away.   You’ll be just as pampered in NYC.  They’re mostly idiot’s there too.

Yes folks, stupid still is. 

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