The only article I’ve read today that tells the truth about Fidel is from, USA Today????  What?

Regardless, Fidel was a brutal dictator who spat in our faces as often as we let him.  I do not wish anyone ill, well, the Ayatollahs can go to hell, but most folks are inherently okay. Fidel, on the other hand, is gone and that’s a good thing.  Raul may be a quieter version but I don’t think either brother was ever going to be our idea of “good men”.  We’ll see.

While I am cautious about gripping hands with the Castros, I have some concern that President-elect Trump will push too hard and we’ll lose what gains we’ve made in normalising relations with Cuba.  IMO, it matters not what you or I think about Raul or Cuba in general, It makes no sense having a neighbour ready to cut our throat at the drop of a hat.  We need to be good neighbours, all of us in this hemisphere.  The assault from other parts of the world is real and we need to stand united.  With hostile attitudes towards each other, who will stop the flow of illegals in and out of anywhere?  Today, a good number of these illegals are coming here to do harm, nothing more.  That’s reality.

We don’t need Sanctuary cities, they just get our children murdered in broad daylight for the entire world to view.  We don’t need to coddle the middle eastern “death to the west” legions, they just want us in servitude to them or dead…there are no options with them…NONE.  We don’t need secession because we didn’t get our way. We need to stand together as we always have, even in spite of the vast oceans of difference that exists between your vision and mine.

If we can somehow, change our viewpoint toward each other internally, here at home in the USA, then we can do the same in this hemisphere and across the globe.  We can do it without giving up the farm too as Obama or Clinton would have done.  Everyone wants to survive.  So, let’s show them how, and prosper at the same time…you know, the American Way.

This is the USA. We can do anything.  Let’s!

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