via Trump aide: No plan to pursue charges against Clinton –

I don’t suppose there is a good take to this.  This is much like telling me I can keep my insurance if I want to and then not following through.  I absolutely believe there is just cause for bringing charges.  Perhaps Trump’s cabinet will do it, keeping his hands clean, so to speak?  Hmmmmm.  Another take on this is that the man is human.  Who didn’t see those pics of Hillary lately?  The ones where she looks like she could be on death’s bed?  I know I felt a moment’s compassion for her.  Just a moment , but Mr Trump may be way more forgiving than I.  Food for thought…

There certainly is a lot more on his plate than any transgressions by Hillary or Obama to tie his time up with, just dealing with them, but justice must be served.  There simply has to be another avenue…I hope (and I dare say many of you do too).  I don’t so much care if she goes to jail as I do want the facts clarified for all to see and systems in place to prevent a repeat of what happened, say, in Benghazi.  That NO ONE ever again uses a personal device for government business…EVER.  That NO ONE delete’s government emails…EVER.  That NO ONE ever has the opportunity to run with a “pay to play” deal the likes of which we know of today regarding Hillary Clinton’s dealings vis-a-vis the Clinton Foundation.

I’m still willing to give Trump a chance despite this setback.  He has a hell of a 100-day schedule set for himself, so let’s see how he handles that.  If he drains the swamp, saves us from disastrous trade and climate deals, rebuilds the military and our pride, fixes or repeals the ACA, AND manages to leave SS and Medicare alone, we’ll be ages ahead of where we are right now.

For sure we will NOT have what could have been up to three more socialists on SCOTUS. We will NOT have eight years of disastrous policies followed by four more of the same. Perhaps most important of all, we will start to grow a pair again and stop taking a back seat to, and a lot of guff from Russia and/or China.

Rejoice!  A new day arises no matter what happens to the Hillary, Obama and the rest. They will soon be unemployed and out of the governing business for a while.  There’s reason enough right there for a party…

2 thoughts on “Trump aide: No plan to pursue charges against Clinton –

  1. It’s called the constitution Mike. By law, he cannot suggest to, or use his influence one way or the other with the new AG in regards to whomever the AG chooses to prosecute, or not prosecute.

    He just removed any personal animosity from the equation. It’s gonna be Jeff Sessions call, not Trump’s.

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