If elected,  I will. ..

I’be been plagued with an empty head for weeks. I’ve actually tried several times to force something out of my keyboard to no avail. We are all so fed up with this “selection”.  We are, all of us, selecting rather than enthusiastically “electing”, the lesser of two evils based our own barometers of evil. So,  none of us are too thrilled and I’m no exception.  I need inspiration to write anything and it is painfully gone missing lately.

With this in mind, I began today with a blank slate and asked myself,  “What if it were me?  What if I was Joe Candidate?  How would I be different?”

In about 20 minutes I had what I thought was a great platform that went on forever covering everything from truth in advertising to lobbying to term limits ad nauseum.  I picked what I thought was most pertinent to today’s needs, IMO, the following bit of fantasy was the result. ..enjoy. 



​This is it,  I think to myself,  now is the time.  If I am to lead, and do so with the commitment to transparency I’ve made to everyone,  then now is when I must disclose this truth for a final time before the big day.  We’ve come all the way through this process.  It’s time to be candid and reinforce the platform I rode in on. 

I look up from the podium and begin with,  “America, my land, my country, my people, I stand before you humbly and ask that you hear my commitment to you.”

Looking down and referrng to my notes, I continue,  “I am a simple man.  I speak plainly.  This I say to you all; I will be beholding to America only if this transpires in our favor and I am elected. If you chose to support me,  with your funds or your influence or your time, you understood that those efforts were for America, not me. That those efforts would afford you no special favor with me.  That I will not broker your wants from my office.”

“Understand also that I will strive with the utmost persistence to right the wrongs of the past few decades and return this once great land to it’s rightful prominence.  Along the way, we will gather to our bosom those we’ve lost in the process of becoming what we were never meant to be.  There will be no unfettered corporate success while there are still homeless and hungry Americans on our streets or Veterans without care.  There will be no sacrificing of one segment of society for the good of the nation or for profits.  We can do without.”

“From the day I take office I will strive to remake politics a service, not a career.  The road to individual success might start in politics for some,  but it is only a start.  Politics will once again be an honorable temporary service to the American people. I will seek term limits for all and I will leave it to the American people to decide. I will abide by whatever America decides is the best path in regards to term limits for my office as well, without question.”

“I will make it my business to ensure America that her elected officials cannot use their experience in politics to influence the future via the lobbying route.  In fact,  I will push to eliminate lobbying all together. An issue should win on its merits only, and such merit should be readily apparent making the need for a lobbyist unnecessary.”

“By definition, corporations exist to make a profit.  That can and does put them in direct conflict with the best interests of America and her people.  I see no logical reason to believe that a corporation will decide in anyone’s favor but their own under any circumstance.  A corporation could, by policy, as allowed now by law,  pay to influence politicians or parties, via contribution, without any real concern for the greater good. Said politicians and parties would certainly feel beholding to said contributors.  Thus I will strive to eliminate the “corporate contribution” in politics all together not just during the election cycle. Our leaders should be beholding to no one but America’s people as a whole, not one individual or a few. I will also try to include unions in the same legislation for the same reasons.  PACs are no better controlled than the former and should also be at least better regulated if not abandoned.  Individuals may contribute from their own pockets with reasonable limits for the same “undue influence” concerns as are apparent regarding corporate/union/PAC contributions .  Our officials were meant to be ejected by the people with each individual having the same influence as the next; not their employers,  unions or some paid-for lobbyist. Remember “We the people” anyone?”

At this point in my speech,  I paused to look up at what appeared to be a completely captivated and silent audience.  To my dismay,  what was at first a thousands strong packed auditorium now had just 3 worn looking men in various tattered military atire, obviously veterans, and a raggedy looking woman pushing a carriage full of her life’s possessions.

Thinking my speech was over, the four souls remaining afforded me a standing ovation during which I awoke to TV noise and someone ranting about this one’s taxes and that one’s emails.

I turned it off and started reading a new book.  7 more days. ..God save me.

3 thoughts on “If elected,  I will. ..

  1. I wish…

    I wouldn’t have to vote democrat after I’m in my grave and taking my final rest.
    For my kids and grandkids all the deprivation, trials, tribulations and travails I’ve had so they may be able to grow to be better human beings.
    There were candy mountains and root beer creeks… and cigarettes (better, fine Cuban cigars!) grew on trees.

    …I were awake.

    Same as you Mike, none of it will come true… but it is the least of my dreams nonetheless.

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  2. Also, please excuse the inevitable grammar and possible spelling errors within. I am doing this on my tablet and it is nearly as stupid in these two categories as I am. I will endeavor to check and correct later when I visit with my laptop.

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