Um,  so what? 

One question folks: if you were a business owner and your businesses lost a billion dollars one year,  would you try to write those losses off or would you eat the losses? That’s what I thought. 

All this noise is more baloney and redirection from Killary. How much would you be willing to bet that Killary has NEVER filed a truthful tax return in her criminal life? I am sure of it. 

So what?  Next. ..

One thought on “Um,  so what? 

  1. And how many times has her “foundation” had to file amended returns and financial statements because what they did submit was FALSE and constructed on outright lies and deceptions?

    That’s what I thought too.

    I WAS a business owner, modest by Trump’s standards, but definitely not small… I took every deduction I could legally take because I believe that I should pay not one cent more in taxes than Uncle Sugar demanded of me. Then there were all the other taxes and fees and God know what else that drained ever-increasing amounts of money from my business.

    I’d say Th Don was brilliant…. not for losing so much when others were losing too (it was a recession after all), but in the fact of how well he not only recovered, he turned the ashes of an empire into an even bigger and better empire! Imagine if you will what he can do for a country with those skills…

    Yeah, it’s like that.

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