This and that

Immigration: Instead of trying to paint every republican with the same broad brush stroke, aligning us with the devil because we would dare to break up a poor illegal immigrant family via deportation why not visit the real issue? What did I do that was illegal?  The immigrants are the illegals. They are here illegally. They broke the law. People are in jail for life just because of Marijuana, but these particular illegal immigrant criminals are walking free. I fail to see how their criminal activity is somehow not criminal and how my supporting the law is the reason these criminals’ lives are so bad. For the sake of argument, though, tell me how I could possibly be responsible for a family break up if papa gets deported simply because I’m a republican? Are they not family? Do families in their country not stay together? If Papa goes, why doesn’t papa take his family with him? It is absolutely NOT my fault that this family broke the law. Get over it and take your family with you. That’s what family does. Better yet, don’t break the damn law in the first place. Oh, my! How inhuman is that, eh? Even Democrats should be able to get behind the law.

Redirection again: Leonard Pitts wants us to listen to what Trump said in the debate to see just how terrible he is. Of course, he does. If we think too hard on just how one-sided that cheesecake offering of a debate was, we might just turn the entire system on its head and Mr Pitts and company would find themselves on the bottom for a change. The very fact that Pitts had nothing to say about what set Trump off is indication enough that Mr Pitts is once and for all “one of them”,  a political establishment Uncle Tom. Piss off Leonard and take your alphabet conspirators with you. There is no place in this land for your kind anymore. I hear the EU is looking for a few new idiots, though. Their media sucks too so you won’t be making things worse.

Decayed and deplorable: Even the venerable old George Will is sounding off against free speech/choice/vote telling us that supporting Trump is a sign of decay. So now I’m a decaying, deplorable, end-of-the -roader who can’t see how horrible Trump is. So, I should naturally vote for the criminal, right? George, George…take a pill buddy. Rejoin the human race. The alternative to Trump is four more years of Obama. Now that’s something for a thinking person to worry about. Three more socialists on the SCOTUS and we can kiss freedom goodbye for a long time. YOU will have helped that to happen, George. Get your head out!

Sue those nasty Arabs: Congress put the screws to the Prez for a change, voting down his veto of the 9/11 victims bill. Unfortunately, I think the Prez has a point.  This probably will open us up for the same kind of treatment from abroad.  How many folks from the middle east do you think would like to sue us? I’m just not sure this one was worth winning though a bunch of unemployed lawyers may find employment soon.  Just thinking that congress got on the same side for this issue kind of pisses me off. WTF, over?

Finally, does anyone else wish this political crap was over and done with? I don’t even pay attention for the most part now except for my morning dose in the daily newspaper. Then, of course, there’s the ever-present truth presented by the Internet of things. (😨)  I knew the debate would be a joke. There’s no way in hell Killary will ever be asked a tough question let alone answer one. I was right and I’m glad I didn’t watch.  If I were Trump I would be pissed too and I would be letting you know about it. Kinda makes the Donald a bit more human, doesn’t it?  Compared to the hooked up, totally choreographed bullshit spewing Killary, he seemed quite normal. The idiots, however, are drooling about how great she was in spite of the fact-check data debunking most of her talking points. Idiots only investigate the other side. That’s why criminals and perverts can get into the White House.


⚾ Vin Scully, baseball will miss you. Enjoy your retirement friend. You deserve it. ⚾

2 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Chill Mike, 40 days and this shyte-storm is over… then we either get on the road to some recovery, or a new shyte-storm begins. Whatever. We’ll deal with the whatever hand we are dealt cuz nuthin’s gonna be settled quickly, even if we do win.

    I hope Trump wins – if for no other reason than to take away Clinton’s sole accomplishment in her life – which is avoiding being prosecuted many dozens of times. Ms. Karma… that lady’s a vengeful bitch.

    That would be another set of firsts for America too… first first lady to be put in prison, first presidential candidate to be jailed, first case of TRUE poetic justice being done… as ironic as that may be. That won’t help the dozens of deaths she has caused, but it is the price she will have to pay for causing those deaths.

    I guess it’s too much to hope for that the new US AG would go for the death penalty for treason, but spending the rest of her life behind bars will have to do. Probably make God smile too, knowing that His people finally carried out justice according to His “thou shalt not” commandments.

    Bless ’em all, the long the short and the tall…

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