The morning was already shattered

I wondered if it really mattered

That all my days I merely strive

To cover my pretending to be alive

In spite of my past in all of its glory

What are you doing? I asked with a growl

Why are you here? What mischief and how fowl

Will you be turning the pages of today

Before we can get you to turn away

What terrible strife will you add to our story?

When did the Lord release you for this

How did he decide and upon what premise

Does he deem this fate to be ours

That we should suffer under the powers

Of some feckless lout who’ll cause us worry

Have I wronged someone holy

Did I break your roly-poly?

What harm could it have been

No worse than a skinned shin

Yet here I toil in an endless quarry

No, I say. No more will this stand

I and not you are lord of my land

What wrong I have done is over

I’ve paid what amends I could cover

Now leave me alone to my purgatory

Somedays I wake ready to go.  Others, not so much…

Lord, please take this headache from me…too many years and too many decisions it has clouded.

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