This and that

Immigration: Instead of trying to paint every republican with the same broad brush stroke, aligning us with the devil because we would dare to break up a poor illegal immigrant family via deportation why not visit the real issue? What did I do that was illegal?  The immigrants are the illegals. They are here illegally. They broke the law. People are in jail for life just because of Marijuana, but these particular illegal immigrant criminals are walking free. I fail to see how their criminal activity is somehow not criminal and how my supporting the law is the reason these criminals’ lives are so bad. For the sake of argument, though, tell me how I could possibly be responsible for a family break up if papa gets deported simply because I’m a republican? Are they not family? Do families in their country not stay together? If Papa goes, why doesn’t papa take his family with him? It is absolutely NOT my fault that this family broke the law. Get over it and take your family with you. That’s what family does. Better yet, don’t break the damn law in the first place. Oh, my! How inhuman is that, eh? Even Democrats should be able to get behind the law.

Redirection again: Leonard Pitts wants us to listen to what Trump said in the debate to see just how terrible he is. Of course, he does. If we think too hard on just how one-sided that cheesecake offering of a debate was, we might just turn the entire system on its head and Mr Pitts and company would find themselves on the bottom for a change. The very fact that Pitts had nothing to say about what set Trump off is indication enough that Mr Pitts is once and for all “one of them”,  a political establishment Uncle Tom. Piss off Leonard and take your alphabet conspirators with you. There is no place in this land for your kind anymore. I hear the EU is looking for a few new idiots, though. Their media sucks too so you won’t be making things worse.

Decayed and deplorable: Even the venerable old George Will is sounding off against free speech/choice/vote telling us that supporting Trump is a sign of decay. So now I’m a decaying, deplorable, end-of-the -roader who can’t see how horrible Trump is. So, I should naturally vote for the criminal, right? George, George…take a pill buddy. Rejoin the human race. The alternative to Trump is four more years of Obama. Now that’s something for a thinking person to worry about. Three more socialists on the SCOTUS and we can kiss freedom goodbye for a long time. YOU will have helped that to happen, George. Get your head out!

Sue those nasty Arabs: Congress put the screws to the Prez for a change, voting down his veto of the 9/11 victims bill. Unfortunately, I think the Prez has a point.  This probably will open us up for the same kind of treatment from abroad.  How many folks from the middle east do you think would like to sue us? I’m just not sure this one was worth winning though a bunch of unemployed lawyers may find employment soon.  Just thinking that congress got on the same side for this issue kind of pisses me off. WTF, over?

Finally, does anyone else wish this political crap was over and done with? I don’t even pay attention for the most part now except for my morning dose in the daily newspaper. Then, of course, there’s the ever-present truth presented by the Internet of things. (😨)  I knew the debate would be a joke. There’s no way in hell Killary will ever be asked a tough question let alone answer one. I was right and I’m glad I didn’t watch.  If I were Trump I would be pissed too and I would be letting you know about it. Kinda makes the Donald a bit more human, doesn’t it?  Compared to the hooked up, totally choreographed bullshit spewing Killary, he seemed quite normal. The idiots, however, are drooling about how great she was in spite of the fact-check data debunking most of her talking points. Idiots only investigate the other side. That’s why criminals and perverts can get into the White House.


⚾ Vin Scully, baseball will miss you. Enjoy your retirement friend. You deserve it. ⚾

Pass me an aspirin please

Pass me an aspirin please

The morning was already shattered

I wondered if it really mattered

That all my days I merely strive

To cover my pretending to be alive

In spite of my past in all of its glory

What are you doing? I asked with a growl

Why are you here? What mischief and how fowl

Will you be turning the pages of today

Before we can get you to turn away

What terrible strife will you add to our story?

When did the Lord release you for this

How did he decide and upon what premise

Does he deem this fate to be ours

That we should suffer under the powers

Of some feckless lout who’ll cause us worry

Have I wronged someone holy

Did I break your roly-poly?

What harm could it have been

No worse than a skinned shin

Yet here I toil in an endless quarry

No, I say. No more will this stand

I and not you are lord of my land

What wrong I have done is over

I’ve paid what amends I could cover

Now leave me alone to my purgatory

Somedays I wake ready to go.  Others, not so much…

Lord, please take this headache from me…too many years and too many decisions it has clouded.

Balanced journalism where art thou? 

​Reading the latest political entries in today’s East Bay Times it was evident that E J Dionne,  a writer for none other than the Washington guinea pig beddding factory, also known as the Post, has a very low opinion of Donald Trump and oh by the way,  apparently he also gets that tingly feeling down his leg when Obama opens his mouth. It’s good to know that not just sissy white men suffer that malady. Being a good little Obama bitch crosses all stereotypes.

So today’s rant went on and on about how awful Trump is and how saintly the Prez is in comparison,  going so far as to claim that,

“Conservatives. ..need to to recognize that allowing Trump to win would strengthen the autocratic Vladimir Putin in Russia and the far right in Europe.”

What? Obama, Kerry and Clinton have been giving Putin their lunch for 8 years.  Where the fuck were you then E J, my man? A thousand or so words of fairy dust bullshit and not one concern about Killary? This is why the Washington Post makes for good doggie papers and Guinea Pig bedding.

This article helps prove one other undeniable fact. Education has nothing to do with intelligence, as I’m sure Mr. Dionne has several degrees and yet he would first choose a community organizer for president because he’s black and now a criminal because she’s not Trump. I’m not impressed E J.

Please America, come out and vote.  We cannot survive another lefty and still be recognized as the United States of America. The effect of a Killary presidency on the Supreme Court alone should have you terrified. Certainly three more socialists will be the result. Plus, we’ll be inundated with more garbage like I read today but it’ll be everyday all day.


Education’s agenda,  what is it? 

​Whatever happened to being a patriot first? Have you ever wondered that? I do. I’m always first to blame parents. That’s were everything starts. Then I started thinking, “What if the deck is stacked against you? What if no matter what you do, being American first is the last thing that’s going to happen with your child… outside of your home?”

Then I read this article by Esther J. Cepeda. Now this is the kicker. Esther is a columnist for the Washington Post. I would normally have a gag reaction to reading anything from the Post. I would normally suggest that the Post makes for good Guinea Pig bedding. You might hear me say rude things about their columnists. Read one of their articles from start to finish? OMG! Armageddon has come!

Alright, enough theatrics, here’s the meat. Esther says, it’s education’s fault. After reading the article I have to agree. Sure,  it’s an over simplification and there’s lots more wrong with our society than just education, but, that’s the one thing that makes it all possible. Coupled with this crippling penchant to be PC, we are teaching ourselves how to be NON-Americans at the earliest age possible. Those pushng Globalism are winning by manipulating our children’s education. 

In her article she referred to a 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress report card that showed only 18% of all eighth graders assessed were at or above proficiency in U.S. History, only 23% in civics. This apparently comes as no surprise to those familiar with today’s taught history courses. 

She further sites a 2015 Fordham Institute study that found 60% of the country’s 100 largest school districts (about 11 million students), had mission statements that did not mention civics, citizenship or democracy. Of all the mission statement they examined, the term “US Citizenship” appeared only once. The words “patriotic” and “patriotism” didn’t show up at all.

As socially debilitating as it would be, I think I’m not so opposed to home schooling anymore. I think it’s way too late to turn education around again. It is not the teachers’ fault either, not all at least. Their hands are tied too.

Esther’s surprisingly excellent article (to me) concludes with a stirring point. What if this election, with both candidates unliked by so many, finally creates an interest in civics and history in spite of the effort to remove us from it? What if history could teach us again?

Hot and cold

​Stricken I sit full of woe

Planted on my front porch

Watching footie with a cup o’ Joe

The sun like a frikkin torch
How did this happen what did I miss

An hour ago I was frozen

Who’d I piss off to end up like this

This isn’t what I had chosen
Now it’s too hot I should do what it takes

I should change into something cooler

But this is footie there are no breaks

’til halftime not a minute sooner
So here I sit stewing in the sun

Trying to speed time with prayers

No injuries, yellow cards or other fun

So I can strip off several layers
Cripes it’s hot suddenly… 🙂

65 and all that jive

65 and all that jive

I know this will come across as a downer to most. I am feeling quite black lately. My family’s support, Liam’s birth and Dylan’s wedding lifted my heart from a very dismal place thankfully, or this might reflect an even deepr level of malaise.  At times I simply see just black. Where there is no color, there is no light and I don’t function there…I languish.

If history is a good reference, then the fact that I’m writing again, although sparingly, is a “good” thing. I recover…


So what’s in a year,

How far is that?

Is it far enough for fear

To set us back?

I haven’t decided yet

What it is I expect

But certainly I’ll lend an ear

To any and all good cheer

For this year has tried me

Bent, spindled and fried me

I don’t know how I’ll be

With anymore uncertainty

Or this unending delinquency

Of any form of serenity

What more would you have of me

How now should I try to see

Your efforts to comfort me

What response will set you free

From trying to ease the misery?

God, please, leave it be.

I have lived with much I would rather not

I have fought the fight, destruction I’ve wrought

When now I seek the power to continue

I only find a diminishing window

Of hope and strength to be there for

Mine own kins’ needs for whatever more

Time He’s lent me to make the most

Of what I’ve rendered as part of His host

I need not endurance of many years

I need simply to dry up these tears

So that I might find some solace in

Whatever comes now from deep within

Now that I’ve burned the images clear

Of the things I’ve feared for so many years

I can face them, remember and remain standing

But the cost of this effort is much like branding

Scarred I am from head to toe

With the visions of children in the glow

Of the eternal damnation we must know

For what we have done is not just a show

Father forgive me

I am thankfully alive

My heart is heavy

But still I will strive

To live as your soldier

Forward I’ll drive

Perhaps ever bolder

65 and all that jive

losing to eternity

losing to eternity

​Wondering what life would be

If we weren’t bugged by eternity

Would we care so much about how long

We had here until we’re gone

Or would we simply pass the time

Keep on moving down the line

Forget that soon our time would pass

Not be worried that we wouldn’t last

Until the end of what we think

Is our rightful time before the brink

No,  we are a gluttonous bunch

If of eternity we had a hunch

We’d take and take ’til none was left

‘Til time itself was rendered bereft

Of all that describes us as being alive

Not for time nor life nor love to thrive

But simply to gasp one breath and expire

So forever to feed our desire

Oh but what a price we’d pay

Our lusts should never cost even a day…