This loss I reject

​How hateful must despite be

To leave us drawn near empty

How cruel to cause us to remain

While priceless life is drained
What comes of this when all is done

What good to the one left alone

How is this part of a grand design

When it seems to us so maligned
If love and hope despite does reject

What solace can one now expect

If prayers and pleas will not suffice

What more is there,  what price
We walk through life with one hope

To spend it with our love

What then is this, this hangman’s rope

Is this that for which we strove
I wish not to live alone

That is not to me being free

I reject your plan, I’m not your drone

Take not what I love from me.
How hateful must the reaper be

That a life so full should end

What promise do survivors see

If death’s heart will not bend.

She is gone and my heart aches. God this was wrong. ..

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