Democratic Hypocrisy 

​Trump hit back at another attacker. Because he was a Muslim, that makes the attack real bad, I guess. We could have predicted the Killary mob would play the race card and they did. We could have predicted that the Killary mob would play the “gold star family” card and they did. There is nothing too sacred where Killary is concerned. What’s one more dead soldier more or less?  They’ve also played the gangster’s mother card, the anarchist card, the taco bowl card…blah,  blah, blah. When was the last time you heard about policy from a Democrat? This is like witnessing the coming of age of a bunch of high school, pimple faced brats…all rich, all spoiled and despoiled with not one worth a plug nickel. 

The DNC rigged the nomination process. The Democrat Executive lied about Benghazi to save an election with State’s (Killary’s) endorsement. Killary makes more money than God talking to the very people she told us she would “fight” if elected. The Democrats want to see Trump’s taxes but STFU when it comes to the Clinton Foundation. There’s a trail of dead bodies lying in Killary’s wake going back decades.

Yet they want me to believe that Trump is the bad guy. 

Erm, let me see now, yup. This is a definite PISS THE FEKK OFF moment for me. How about you?

Dear Lord, May the Democrat Socialist party of assholes forever eat shit until it dies, miserably and alone.


Yeah, nothing has changed. 

2 thoughts on “Democratic Hypocrisy 

  1. Can I safely assume Mike that you have a certain level of disdain for The Hillaryous One, and the democrats in general? And, might that have a little something to do with the immense and overwhelming lack of truth, honesty, genuineness, and ethics at the core of it all?

    …or, it is a genuine, visceral hate based upon her entire character and sociopathic ways?

    Two things: The first one is Hillaryous is a war mongering hawk that will very likely get us involved in a large, long, and bloody world-wide war; and two is, she will eviscerate the constitution with her USSC appointments. If for no other reason than these two, she MUST NOT be allowed to become president of these United States. Period.

    As an aside and in addition, she will also do her level best to become our ruling dictator, with edict after edict coming down from on high. Oh, and let’s not forget, she will take away all means of self defense from we, the people… starting with our hand guns, “assault rifles” (like there is such a thing!), and work her way toward totally banning all firearms of any and all kinds.

    May her soul rot in Hell forever and ever.

    That’s my personal opinion, so take it for whatever it’s worth. 😉


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