Smile if you’ve had enough

It has been a miserable couple of weeks hasn’t it? Normally when I have a writing block it’s my head that shuts down. This is different. This is terrible and visceral. This is no man’s land in America. There seems to be no common ground. Where is compromise? This is decidedly not America. In this atmosphere the air is too thin for me. I can’t breathe and want nothing more than to escape. Ah, but where to go? This more than anything bothers me…that my country is seemingly falling apart and all I want to do is disappear. Not only that but I also find myself gaily encouraging the schism.

Lacking any real impactful influences on human events, I offer this instead.


I haven’t been so awfully good

Hiding out in my neighborhood

The days are long and not so kind

A quiet minute is hard to find

The sun still rises in the east

Life is deterred not in the least

It’s my own progress that’s at stake

My heart and soul ready to break

I’d made it to what some would say

Was the turning point of my new day

From down below the depths of hell

I’d risen up like a tidal swell

When I was left with little choice

To fall in line or use my voice

Knowing well that having my say

May in the end lose the day

I chose to speak thus sealing my fate

Tongue in cheek I did berate

Those evil ones who pretend to lead

Us through bad times feeding their greed

“You cannot have my sanity,

You cannot win the day

No more Matthews or Hannity

I vote for a better way.”

Ice cream and lollypops

Sunny breezy days

Breaking out all the stops

Cut out all delays

Nevermore will I be found

Cowering in grief

Forevermore I will be bound

Towards comfort and relief

The heck with all this bickering

To hell with “them or us”

Let’s get back to snickering

At all this silly fuss

America isn’t right or left

It’s a mixture of the two

It’s those who divide us who are bereft

Of what made our red, white and blue

It isn’t the color of our skin

And it’s not from bended knee

It is the belief deep within

That every man is free

So let’s get back to being strong

Let’s rejoin the human race

Let’s show the world we’re coming along

And show them a happy face.


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