Experimenting with our lives

Obama’s grand experiment

The article linked-to above was written yesterday by Victor David Hanson. It appeared on the opposite page to the typical Washington Post drivel that normally occupies those spots in my local liberal rag. Usually these opinion pieces are simply cannon fodder for mine and a million more blogs. To find these  two juxtaposed was a true treat. From the whiney complaints about a GOP allegedly gone bad, to the no nonsense attitue of a right minded “doer” pointing out the real issues and just how badly the current admin is handling those issues was the most refreshing read I’ve had for a month. A genuine fact-based article with some teeth right next to another typically and liberally slobbering excuse for reporting.

So happy was I to read Hanson this morning that I treated myself to a third cup of Joe. Now I write three words and run to the bathroom. I may not finish this’til noon.

The opposition piece teetered on hysterical blathering about any and all things GOP. So fearful of Trump are they that they attack the delegates not just the candidate.  The article also attempted to ridicule Ben Carson, belittle all the warts on Killary and Obama, praise John Kasich, and refer to the Trump campaign as Marxist. Nearly choke did I at the mention of such absurdity coming from the epitome of the media machine that owns the minds of the idiot masses who still think the Democrats work for them.  I won’t post a link to this one as I couldn’t easily find reference to the writer.  I suppose you could read it in yesterday or today’s on line edition of the Wash Post. The writer is E J Dionne. Title: Once great party shows just how far it has fallen.  I will not advertise for them, so help yourself. Google it.

Mr. Hanson’s piece focused on the many and varied attemhpts of this President to present Islam as our friends, builders of our nation, totally dedicated to peace and as American as pork chops. (That last bit was my own injection which obviously shows that I don’t believe one Goddamned word that POS spews). The piece goes on to point out how,

Obama’s outreach was still interpreted by Islamists as guilt and weakness to be exploited rather than magnanimity to be reciprocated.

All this while we kissed middle eastern butt in order to pay rediculously inflated prices for their oil. Then as we backed out of somewhere at Obama’s direction, they (radical Islamists) moved right in making a mockery of our soldier’s sacrifice.  Places that used to be stable and safe for all now showcase daily Christian beheadings and constant warfare. 

The truth is our president engaged sinister agents of hatred towards the west in some school boy fantasy of mending fences. I don’t know how he thought this would come about considering we are dealing with the exact opposite of modem man. I guess he thought he could cause peace to happen with his mythical community organizing skills.

Whatever, the truth is out there to be seen everyday if we don’t allow the lie-dia to distract us with bullshit about Trump, racist cops,  angry white men and how pure and saintly the Democrats, BLM anarchists and Islam are.

One more quote from Hanson’s piece to perfectly sum up the horrible state of affairs we have today with our leadership. ..or lack thereof:

In short, the dreamy Obama approach to terrorism has proved a nightmare-and it is not over yet.

Our lives are at stake everyday in a more and more contentious atmosphere with what appears to be intentional pot-stirring from above. Though what he did was a crime, Richard Nixon did nothing compared to the devisiveness this President had sown throughout our society. Do you remember hat happened to him?  Is this regime somehow to be never held accountable?

Their claim to be the people’s champion was exposed as fraud by the bold miscarriage of justice in NOT indicting Killary. Rife with corruption through and through and visible to all, exclaiming in bright capitalized script,  “WE ARE ABOVE YOU AND THERFORE ABOVE THE LAW TOO! Bow down to us your lords and saviors.”

Sadly, the liberal masses will do just that. They will ignore the truth. Is it because they really have been brainwashed or is it because they are too far gone now to be able to back out and save face? Folks,  you can never get too far from the truth. Take a breath. Try a new view. 


WE ARE NICEANS TOO! RIP my people and may God hold you in his arms while he condemns these evil creatures to thier eternal black fate. Amen.

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