Stand up


I’m sure it’s that time in the progression for me too reassure everyone that I haven’t gone over the edge.  I haven’t, not close even. I am however,  totally fed up with:

1) Killary (first time for her in the top slot. ..the racist president is as lame as any has ever been. FEKK HIM!)

2) LAME-O himself

3) anyone voting for Killary (I could maybe bring myself to forgive you voting for a socialist. ..maybe. Never Killary.) FEKK that.

4) republican establishment and any who have chosen to let Killary win.  (FEKK them in hell forever)

The more she lies and gets away with lying and the more cops are attacked and the more the Never-Trump idiot’s interfere,  the more vicious my commentaries will become. Not since Vietnam have I known such anger at society.  You’re letting me down again.


If that upsets you, well, that really was my intent because only one of the 4 groups would be offended. You offend me. (Carl, I luv you so you’re excused).




Remember this is rhetoric. None of which will ever manifest itself physically. ..unless revolution is the only way to preserve our rights or some damn young fool thinks I’m to old to seriously fuck up his/her day should they ask for it.  Sadly,  I can’t say we don’t face that possibility.  We most certainly do and that is why I’m pissed. This had become the United States of Lies, Anarchy and Special Laws for those in favor with the throne. The blame slithers through 1600 Pennsylvania.


Have a nice day y’all and pray for our cops if you won’t stand in front of them.

5 thoughts on “Stand up

  1. God Bless The USA!
    …and let the chips fall where they may.

    Like you Mike, I’m an old guy, even a little older and slower – BUT – God help the dumb SOB that thinks I can’t disrupt his day in a very serious way.

    “I may not be as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was.” ~ Original author unknown

    I’m still a pretty good shot from my “JFK rocking chair” on the front porch too. 🙂

    “Veni, Ego Iecit, Ultimo Loco Non Consummasse.”
    {I came, I shot, I did not finish in the last place.}

    Calm down, take a deep breath, let it out slowly and fire for effect.

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  2. Funny Nikko, I thought about mentioning how us old guys had to qualify with rifles at 300 meters, but felt that might be a little over the top for big brother. should I say I fired expert day and night with a .45? 😉

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    1. Some of us met (and still maintain) much higher “quals” Mikey – but that’s not pertinent to the conversation – maybe. 🙂 We’ll leave it for the “ignorant morons” to discover for themselves at a time and place of their own choosing… though for some, it may be the last thing they’ll ever learn, regardless.

      Side note:
      Fortunately, much of my grammar school studies of the dead language stuck. I found it very helpful in learning other languages… so maybe that’s why so much of it is still stuck in my brain box? I suppose I ought to mention that it also helps in reading the archaic legal language found in court filings and decisions too?

      What’s REALLY hard is to try deciphering Attic Greek, the language much of the original body of holy books were first written in… and worse, Aramaic – the language spoken and written in the time of Christ. All three languages being essentials for the serious student of holy scripture and early Judaeo-Christian history.

      Sorry for drifting so far afield on your post… though the intent was to add a bit of “color” to the discussion.

      May The Farce Be With You! 😉

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