WTF, over? 


Have you ever been so overwhelmed with the depth of human suffering we can inflict on each other? I haven’t been able to breathe let alone write. This isn’t a dearth of words because I’m stunned. This is lost hope. I fear the morning when we try to return to normal and mingle together again in our many varied feathers. I fear the raw hate that is seething through us right here and now. This hatred being stirred up by our supposed leaders. Pushing our people away from the police with false claims doesn’t serve anything other than to distract us from the problems we really do have with justice. Yes, I’m sure there are bad cops. They must be dealt with harshly. There are bad citizens too, lots more of them than bad cops and they are apparently armed much better than the ordinary policeman let alone the everyday citizen (in spite of all the gun laws you can dream up). If we refuse to stand with the law, we are well and truly done for.

I found myself surfing for police scanners. My thought was, “how can I stand in front of them if I don’t know where they need me?” Think about it folks, especially here in gun stupid California. We have less and less access to guns and ammo for self-protection (we do, NOT the politicians taking our rights away) while the bad guys just do whatever. So, if the bad guys take out the cops; who then stands between us and the savages?



This must stop. If Oblamer can only point fingers at imagined masses of racist, republican, NRA loving, angry white cops and if Killary can only blame the gun, we need to step beyond that rhetoric and actually do something without their input.  F!&% them!.

1st) Stand with our LEOs.

2nd) REVOLT WITH YOUR VOTE and remember NEVER A DEMOCRAT! They have lost that privilege with the disgraceful behavior of the leaders of the justice department, the FBI, State, the IRS and most likely a truckload more, all appointees and historic cohorts of the Democrat Executive branch or the Clintons.

Finally, if you don’t think there’s something fishy about this shooting in Dallas, please start to. This is way too convenient a distraction at a most perilous time for ole Killary and Oblamer. No, I wouldn’t put it past either team, certainly not Killary’s, to have stirred that pot intentionally.

This stinks to high heaven and it stinks of corruption at the highest level. It sinks of death. It sinks like the sodden, soiled history of the Clintons.


One thought on “WTF, over? 

  1. One thing about Dallas… It certainly knocked Hillaryous’ problem with veracity and too numerous to count felonious activities clean out of the headlines. For now.

    Like death and taxes, there is one more certainty – more Klinton scandals. At least until she and Wild Willy are both dead and buried.

    Maybe. There’s still Chelsea to deal with cuz that badly formed apple didn’t fall far from the rotted tree.

    As the old saying goes: Like mother, like daughter.



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