Justice gone

American justice where have you gone

Are you running now with the unicorn

It seems you only choose to work

As long as your target isn’t a jerk

You know who I mean when I say that

I’m talking about an anarchist brat

Or a rich little pervert in a high-priced frat

Or some self-serving life long political rat

What happened I think is that we stopped watching

Instead of awareness we were hop-scotching

To euphoria, utopia and shangrila

When the scavengers among us said, aha

And ran to the front with a sign that read

Follow me or you’ll all be dead.

We being mindful of course had to agree

How could we curse our descendants to be

But we forgot one thing in our hasty decision

Our yearning for stuff clouded our vision

What if these leaders are not who they say

What will be left at the end of the day

Will there be one law for all in the land

Or will the law serve only those leaders hand

I guess we all know the answer to that now. ..

Honestly I am dumbfounded.  I can’t imagine how this Comey fellow could have thought it would be a good thing for him to come out even before the investigators came out to tell America that Killary is indeed above the law. I have never witnessed this in my country. I wasn’t alive for the mobster days. I guess this is one more thing we can thank the Clintons for. The return of the mobster mentality. I am well and truly appalled.

Although we did not find clear evidence that secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. ” FBI Director James Comey.

WHAT? Have you ever heard a more expertly delivered gob of doublespeak BULLSHIT in your life? When Trump wins, he needs to nail this lying POS to the wall too right beside Lynch.

Oh,  BTW, didn’t Killary insist there were NO secret docs on her server? Intentionally lying to investigators is ALSO NOT ILLEGAL FOR A CLINTON.

Then to top of my day, our local lovely left-handed joke of a rag, The East Bay Times editorial declares that if Killary would just apologize about using her own server, all will be forgiven and we can move on.

Ah, perfect timing.  My dog just finished doing his morning duty and now this rag has a purpose.

One thought on “Justice gone

  1. I am well beyond livid that these well organized criminal political gangs could and would do this to our country, once based upon fair and equally applied secular laws. Continuing on this is a path, of which there is no return and still be the same country it once was, will be the end of the grand experiment in self governance. We will have proven ourselves unworthy of this, the greatest gift mankind has ever received from our Creator.

    In one short sentence issued by one administrative official, and in collusion with the entire wholly corrupted government, war has been declared, albeit informally. That of course won’t stop the bloodshed of open warfare that will quite likely ensue.

    We have but one final, peaceful hope left to us. I pray America is smart enough, and aware enough to choose the right course.

    God help us if we do not… we will deserve His wrath He is about to unleash on the world.

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