Is this truly anyone’s choice? 

The Dirt on Killary

It seems unimaginable to me. It wouldn’t matter if Bugs Bunny was her opponent, there is no way on this earth I could ever allow this maligned creature on the ballot were it my choice. I am shamed just thinking about what other nations must be thinking, especially the Saudis since they already apparently own her.

So apalled am I by the prospects of our future under her tyranny that I found great solace in an offer of refuge from a true freind. To be anywhere near the population centers when these cretins run out of other people’s money and can’t feed their totally dependent masses anymore would be insane and suicidal. 

Arm up America, before it’s too late. 

3 thoughts on “Is this truly anyone’s choice? 

  1. We have just one peaceful chance left before the massive blood-letting begins Mike… and that is November 8th, 2016, at the ballot box. Failing that, it will be a bloody Spring in America as the battles begin to rage in earnest.

    I will be spending the balance of this summer and early Fall finishing my preparations for wintering over at my own version of the Winter of ’76 at Valley Forge.

    Cheers Mike!


      1. Yikes is right… I’m not saying it will be, but I am saying it will be IF things don’t change for the better. Donald Trump is far from perfect, but he’s a better choice than all that we were offered as of this time last year by both parties.

        The one thing I am confident he will do is – he will do his best to help us get back to having our pride in country, very much like Ronald Reagan did back in 1981 with his self-assured confidence in us as a nation. Morning In America can be had again… IF we choose it. From there, we can do what’s necessary to bring us back to where we need to be… and far away from socialism, progressivism, liberalism, communism, and fascist islamism.

        …or not. 🙂

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