Benghazi treachery continues, Populists arise

What is it in this age of multi-billion dollar boondoggles that would cause so much angst about $7 million spent on an investigation into the cause of the deaths of 4 Americans overseas and the conduct of those in change? Was it because it targeted the top-tier of government? Or was it because the targets were democrats? I’d like to know so we can re-target the lying murderous POS-es again but avoid the PC pitfalls this time. Really though, what’s $7 million? That’s what were paying for the home the Obama family will move to in January. So what’s the big deal?  What difference does it make at this point?

Interesting reading this morning about the elites of the day from a new writer (new to me): Victor Davis Hanson (Syndicated):


The furor of ignored (certain citizens) against their (certain government body) is not just directed against the rich and powerful government elites per se, or against the flood of mostly young male migrants from the war-torn middle east.  The rage also arises from the hypocrisy of a government elite that never seems to be subject to the ramifications of its own top down policies. The bureaucratic class that runs (certain area) from (certain central location) too often lectures voters on climate change, immigration, politically correct attitudes about diversity and the constant need for more bureaucracy,  more regulations and more redistributive taxes.

But (certain area) managers are able to navigate around their own injunctions enjoying private schools for their children, generous public pay, retirement packages and perks, frequent carbon spewing jet travel, homes in non diverse neighborhoods and profitable revolving door careers between government and business.

We could all easily fill in the name of the place this article is describing, right? This is exactly what we are dealing with right here in the good old US of A. Well, up to this point in his article the author hadn’t even started in on the US. That was all about the EU. He goes on to compare what’s going on there to what we have here. The similarities are remarkable in as much as this populist movement is happening now and is inclusive of more and more western societies across the globe.

I further agree with the author that these elites ignored the cause of San Bernardino/Orlando and instead blamed the NRA and a gun loving, homophobic Middle America. As a result, folks are declaring that they won’t stand for this any longer. Populist movements seem to be trending. The Philippines, Great Britain, the USA and there’s talk of other Euro nations that want out.

Wouldn’t it be grand if after all the threats from establishment leaders across the globe that their only accomplishment was the acceleration of their own demise when all these populist nations form their own trade agreements outside of the norm.


Ah, sweet dreams indeed. ..

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