Where’s the beef Hillary, Conspiracies and “Panama Papers” anyone?

After reading his piece today I have to agree with Charles Krauthammer. What is it that makes Hillary attractive? I don’t mean this with any reference to Trump as her opponent (re: excluding the “never Trump” idiots). Clinton has been around forever politically, long before Trump, and nothing about her has changed. I’ve listened to her pandering monologues. I’ve never been impressed. Mostly I’ve felt spoken down to. I can’t imagine how blacks even stand to listen to her effect that phony southern belle persona all the while she is obviously pandering to the poor blacks in the audience. Her most recent effort: 45 minutes of evil Trump, bad Trump, entitlements for everyone. ..12 each for every possible identity, sick Trump, “investments” in infrastructure, clean energy, small business, Trump bad, Trump racist, Trump bogeyman, ooooooooooooh!  If anyone there didn’t know she couldn’t deliver on any of that crap, they are smokin’ some goooooood stuff.

Hmmm! Investments, eh? Like Obama’s $830,000 billion stimulus package that was meant to fund infrastructure also? Which infrastructure did it fund, by the way? Oh, it didn’t fund any? My goodness. Well by all means let’s give them some more money. Yup, let’s just do that.

Truly,  what is the attraction?

To be honest, I think Killary has a crush on the Donald. This would explain her obsession with him. Really. I asked my shrink.

Anyway, Krauthammer says she’s going to pull out the nuclear arsenal soon and accuse Trump of likely bringing us to war. She must know something we don’t right? This has to mean that we ARE going to war and she’s knows it. The search for a scapegoat is on. The present administration admits to nothing. It’s festering offspring can be no less evil-minded. Yet half of America will still vote for her. Maybe we are due to fall…and deservedly so, or at least to stumble.

On another note, does anyone else wonder what ever became of the “Panama papers”? I do. Especially since I trust Obama’s DoJ about as much as I do junkies. A huge chunk the world’s elites are exposed but the US DoJ hasn’t requested one single record yet (as of 6/23/2016). You don’t suppose they are worried about election results do you?

Slime Green is the new power color.

Oh yeah.  The Democrats staged a gun-control sit in…until the Dunkin Donuts ran out.  Then they declared victory and went home to a more permanent supply of taxpayer provided fat. The up side? Freedom, liberty and the 2nd amendment won again. Mostly America ignored the idiots.

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