Fathers day

A little bit of a two year old struggles to sit still while her six foot father tries valiantly to put some order to his daughter’s unruly hair. The end result is anything but perfect, yet the job is done. A little self conscious about his styling skills he can only smile his best Cheshire cat smile when she looks up to him adoringly and says “Thank you daddy”. His dad smiles.
An eight year old has the best day of his life. ..everytime his dad spends a minute with him. The smiles, the ease of relating, the love shared between the two is like a beacon leading to everything that has ever been right. The boy is exhausted but wants more. Dad gives and gives.  Mom, soon to deliver a sibling, watches her men play, planning for the arrival of #2. Her dad smiles.
A dad observes his youngest as he finds his way.  He sees him find his soul mate and plan his own family.  His dad smiles in anticipation.
Father’s Day, when we finally get it, it’s always a surprise.  We did it right.
Happy day to us. 😆

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