Blah blah

I haven’t felt like writing
I haven’t felt like much
Except to be so biting
Using curses like a crutch.
The politicking has just begun
The liars are everwhere
That gun was the real guilty one
Give it the electric chair.
How can I take you seriously prez
When you’re only blowing smoke?
Why won’t you say what everyone says?
What is it that makes you choke?
Blames the NRA and the RNC
What, did you forget about Bush?
Won’t even mention the jihadi
Instead calls for a gun grab push.
Nothing this guy does surprises me
So I wonder why I get so mad
It must be that enough disagree with me
To allow things to get so bad.
I’d call for more education if
I thought it would turn things around
But it seems like academia’s rif
Is to make sure your head’s in the ground.
So I write my angry conservative rants
Slamming the left from the right
I refuse to join with the rest of the ants
I choose to stand and fight.

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