Gun kills 50. Muslim terrorist carrying it was just a bystander.

I feel a need to comment while at the same time I feel the need to grieve. Fifty plus are dead and fifty more are hurt. Our country should be uniting against a common enemy. We should be planning how to limit the effect of allowing haters to cross the borders with impunity instead of inviting more of them here. And yet,  here we are.  Fifty more lost to islamic terrorism right here on US soil and all our fearless non leader can do is spew more sackless bullshit about gun control.  Not a word about a MUSLIM TERRORIST. While denying there is a real problem right here in America in part due to his policies, he is bringing many thousands more potential killers here still. He would look pretty damn stupid if he reversed course now wouldn’t he?  safety and American lives come second if it interferes with his largesse to people who hate us. People Obama loves.


There is nothing else of consequence to write about…fight back America, for liberty’s sake, fight back. Send this phony Muslim POS president packing.

It’s sad that for all this time I’ve had the notion in my head that Obama really is Muslim but denied it as being simply too perfect for my desire to prove him anathema to the USA, now resonates as more truthful than anything else about this president’s history. One can no longer deny his leanings based on his inability (or pain old unwillingness) to call a spade a spade. This was Islamic terrorism not an evil gun. Shame is the new WH logo.

One thought on “Gun kills 50. Muslim terrorist carrying it was just a bystander.

  1. While I wouldn’t ever advocate just killing the ignorant, destructive bastard, I would wish every human evil and sickness befalls him. A fast-acting terminal cancer would be but one of the very many ills I would wish for him. I would have very mixed emotions about his state funeral… on one hand, I’d be glad he’s gone – on the other, well… best I can say is I’d have a hard time thinking I’d miss him, but I might have a moment of considering it.

    The bitch is, Biden would be president. Not sure what I’d think about that… though I know it couldn’t be worse than what we have now. At least Crazy Uncle Joe is malleable. That’s something anyway.

    Life is fun… until it isn’t. It ain’t likely to be until Noon EST 20 January, next – at the minimum. One hopes…


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