Roots of fear

I’ve been watching Roots, again. The first go round with Lavar Burton was epic. This one is something else again.
Since there are virtuality no restraints on what you can film and show today, this version of America’s greatest failure is a biting, gripping, piss-you-off to the nth degree masterpiece of cinematography. I am enraptured. I’m only taking a break now because the Sox are on.
What I quickly recalled from the last iteration as I was watching this one was the graphic realization of just how horrific we can be to each other.
Another thing I take away from this theatrical but truthful piece of our history is that we can pretend to remove the color factor from our society with words around election time, then slowly let it sink in that we were just making noise, but until we really are color blind, and we are far from it, this flavor of horror will continue.
I’ve not pulled any punches with the BLM movement and that’s because their behavior warrants my disdain. I don’t spend any blessings on the likes of skinheads either nor any hateful person or entity. Whether or not any will believe it, I DO sympathize with poverty and with limited opportunities. I ain’t no senator’s son and I ain’t no angel. However, I have never and never will condone anarchy or any criminal activity any more than I’ll stand for tyranny.  Our forefathers stood up to tyranny.  Can we do less?
Our laws are not perfect but I believe they are as close as any come to it. So I believe we must honor the rule of law allowing it to grow with us. I believe our laws will prevent the likes of slavery from ever taking hold here again as long as we as a one nation stand for the rule of law.
All that being said, I can’t help but feel that our time to reconcile is limited and we are lagging in our progression. One might say we’re sliding backwards. Hatred is driving most of that backwards growth. Only we can change ourselves.
I ask you, can we survive another period in our time with a mindset of “them against us” when it is just we who are here?
Maybe we should all go around naked for a while and relearn humility.  The only other suggestion I have is that we all go to war together.  I can personally attest to the fact that you wont give a flying rat’s ass what color your foxhole mate is as long as he can and will shoot. That’s the brotherhood I belong to.  You’re welcome to join but you leave your hateful shit at the door bro.

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