He did it. No she did. 

​According to the Washington Post, that bastion of fair and truthful reporting ;)😈, Democrats have declared Killary innocent of any wrongdoing concerning the Benghazi attacks.

 Inquiries found that the response to the crisis  was delayed by miscommunications and other problems within her state department.

Didn’t I just read “her state department“? How is she NOT responsible for HER state department? This is so Obama-like I could just void all over this opinion piece. “I didn’t do it. That other guy did. ”

What about the “video” lie? What about the soldiers on the ground and thier testimony? Why ignore eye witnesses? Was it because they are military types and we almost all hate your lying, heartless, chicken ass? Was that if? You knew they wouldn’t lie for you, right? 


No smoking gun my ass. If there were one they’d have buried that too. This sucks. I officially HATE the democrat party. Going to be a difficult Christmas.

You’d better win Donald. Otherwise I’m going to have to take you off my friends list…for real this time. 

Chapter 1

This, I think, is the last draught from chapter one of what I’m calling “The Path”. I feel I have a good enough grip on events around 71-72 to give a fairly full accounting.  I am going through each chapter (30 so far) one at a time, researching some more, refining details and descriptors, editing in or out corrections, etc…

Let me know what you think, please.

The Path

Chapter 1

Home and the Family

“I love you”.

I didn’t know what to do with that so I said nothing.

“Did you hear me?”, she persisted.

“Um, yeah”. Still tongue-tied I left it like that.

“I do; you know”.

I feel my face coloring even though we are talking on the phone, no one is here but the kids and they are watching toons.

“Suzanna I got to feed my niece and nephew okay?” I lied. They were munching on Pizza as we chatted.  Simply put, I was stunned and in way over my head.

“Oh. Okay” she said and her tone told me how disappointed she was. Well what did she expect throwing something like that at me out of the blue. She recovered some and followed with “I am still picking you up tomorrow, right?”

“Yeah, I hope so. Otherwise I got a long hike home.”

“Of course I’ll come get you.  We can talk about what I said on the ride to your house. Okay?”

“Yeah, sure.  I’ll call when we’re finished breakfast.”

“Ok, love you” More silence from me for a pregnant second then an awkward,


“Ugh! Oh, good night”.

“Good ni…” click, I was talking to dead air.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.  I knew I was an interim fill in for Suzanna’s boyfriend who was in Nam.  Apparently he was a bad boy in the neighborhood whom the judge gave no choice about joining the Marines.

Regardless, he was away.  Every swinging dick at the Insurance Company Headquarters where we worked in downtown Boston was sniffing at her day in and day out.  I figured she picked me to hang with because I was such a doofus and couldn’t speak five coherent words to anyone of the female persuasion.  In other words, I was harmless. I did loosen up with her eventually and we had a good time together.  I also got quite defensive around the other guys when they would get out of hand with her.  I surprised more than one behemoth with threats of bodily harm if they didn’t back of.  She was my “girlfriend” so to speak and they should have known better.  I got huffy and pushy more than once anyway.  The surprise part for most of them was that I was 5’ 6’ and weighed in at a whopping buck and a half with heavy boots on.  That never mattered to me.  More than once I paid for that arrogance.  More often than not the act worked in my favor though and these guys were all college goobers working the insurance biz. Regardless of size, they were lovers not fighters.  I was from the mean streets of Boston with three older brothers and a boxing crazy drunk for a father.  I could mix it up with the best of them and I did.

Maybe that’s why she fell for me if she really ever did. To this day I don’t know.  It’s funny how it bothered me for so long afterwards.  When for the longest time I didn’t allow myself to go gaga over her knowing I was way out of my league and only pinch-hitting for a while anyway, then falling so hard it hurt.

After a while though, she kept at it and kept at it and I bought into it eventually. I was head over heels done and gone…just like that.  Before you know it I was planning our future. I was serious about work. I opened a damn saving s account and I only made $88 a week for Pete’s sake.  Life was looking really good.  That was a surprise to me really. It wasn’t too long before I’d met Suzanne that both the Navy and the Air Force rejected my applications for flight school after I graduated High School and made it to 18 without turning into a drunk like my dad or my two oldest brothers.  My life long dreams were shattered and I wallowed around until my dad told me to get a job or get out. I happened to apply at the insurance company where Suzanne worked and was hired.

Well after her boyfriend came home and she actually rejected him for me, this interlude with Suzanne came to an abrupt halt. While basking in the light of her “love” I was inducted myself into the OD green world of the United States Army.  It took this event for me to learn why Suzanne wasn’t still with her first “x” and why her “love” was a bit fleeting.  Two weeks after I was inducted she sent me a Dear John letter.  Two weeks?  WTF, over?

This is how I got there:

I was born and baptized Catholic in a lower middle class white neighborhood, in Boston, to a hard-working blue-collar mom and dad.  I have 3 brothers and a sister and by now too many extended-family members to count or name if I could remember them all.  My family history is recent presumably starting in the late 1800s at various ports of entry to the USA.  I’m not sure what family secret(s) there may have been to hide, but tracing our roots backwards, it stops at a port of entry or on a ship’s manifest that sailed from Europe.

A good portion of the history we’ve made for ourselves since our arrival in the Americas had to do with conflict.  We fight.  We fight for country, state, city, town, neighborhood, any home team or for family.  We’ve also fought against any of the above.  We fight because of our beliefs mostly, after talking and then shouting have failed.  A lot of us drink and some of us drug, which conveniently provides for additional fighting.  While I was growing up we felt that the biggest threat to mankind, ever, was the USSR and its entire sphere of influence around the world.  Yep, you guessed it, the “Red Menace”.  I was a teenager during most of the Vietnam War.  You can go ahead and call it a “conflict”.  I was there towards the end myself where the great gulf of incendiary insanity called Vietnam grew me into a man.  As far as I’m concerned it was war.

But before all that there was a different me.  I was part of a crazy Boston family, one generation away from immigrant status ourselves. We play Hockey, Football, Wrestling, Lacrosse and Boxing for fun.  We play baseball to sharpen our hand-to-eye coordination and stay loose for winter.  We are marksmen and sharpshooters who shoot for accuracy and fun.  We have also shot to kill, righteously, in Wars far and near. We are artists and artisans. We love fiercely and hate ferociously.  We work or we go hungry.  We help.  We don’t prop up.  We grow in number, as we all seem to be fairly prolific, though most of our women would wish for more girl babies. We nurture our own like lions and lionesses.  We’re made up of a half-dozen of the many nationalities that have ever made their lucky way to the USA (though no-one talks about that), so there’s absolutely no real reason for racism in my family. Yet, there were far more racists than not.  That’s my one claim to fame.  I didn’t start out hating anyone.  It seemed that most of my immediate family and in fact most of the entire clan were racist and that apparently applied to anyone outside the clan…it didn’t always have to do with color, though that was one influence.

I detested that about my family as much as its propensity towards alcohol and for some of us, drugs.  The ultimate oxymoron is a mutt hating someone for his or her race. I was determined to get away from it and the sooner the better.

A quick note about my mom & dad is relevant here. Aside from their bad habits and hateful biases, they were both very dedicated parents, in their own way.  She was a seamstress who worked ridiculous hours doing piecework.  She got paid a few cents per piece she sewed.  She sewed until she couldn’t sew anymore, then she served meals at various restaurants until she couldn’t do that either.  She still prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner for however many of us were living in her home.  She had 5 kids and miscarried 3 more and never took more than a couple of days off work for almost anything, including childbirth, until she had a double mastectomy for cancer.  When she recovered, it was back to work again.  She was the glue that held this extremely broken family together even though she was nearly as badly broken herself.  She protected my sister and me from dad on his worst days.  He drove for a living.  He started driving a cab at 14 and never stopped driving. He was driving a big rig at 17. He was tougher than most and a local Golden Gloves welterweight champ 2 years in a row.  When War II rolled around he was the first on the block to volunteer, but because his job was considered a vital cog in the war effort, they wouldn’t take him.  Everyone he knew, brothers, cousins and friends went off to war but not him. He hated this and it helped to turn him into a bitter lonely drunk.  He somehow managed to keep his commercial driver’s license if not a steady job all the time.  We didn’t starve.  He did get sober eventually when mom poisoned him with antabuse until he quit.  He was in his 70s by then and he actually turned out to be a good friend to me and smarter than I would have ever given him credit for.  He was still a racist…we didn’t go there together, ever.


Kennel Talk – The MWDTSA Newsletter

I enjoy this every month and thought I’d share it. Please feel free to read and pass along. Once again, this is a great cause near and dear to my heart.  This is also one of the best put together newsletters I have the good fortune to read.

This is a .PDF file.  You’ll need a reader. Enter “adobe” into a search bar, you’ll find it.

MWDTSA Newsletter


Where’s the beef Hillary, Conspiracies and “Panama Papers” anyone?

After reading his piece today I have to agree with Charles Krauthammer. What is it that makes Hillary attractive? I don’t mean this with any reference to Trump as her opponent (re: excluding the “never Trump” idiots). Clinton has been around forever politically, long before Trump, and nothing about her has changed. I’ve listened to her pandering monologues. I’ve never been impressed. Mostly I’ve felt spoken down to. I can’t imagine how blacks even stand to listen to her effect that phony southern belle persona all the while she is obviously pandering to the poor blacks in the audience. Her most recent effort: 45 minutes of evil Trump, bad Trump, entitlements for everyone. ..12 each for every possible identity, sick Trump, “investments” in infrastructure, clean energy, small business, Trump bad, Trump racist, Trump bogeyman, ooooooooooooh!  If anyone there didn’t know she couldn’t deliver on any of that crap, they are smokin’ some goooooood stuff.

Hmmm! Investments, eh? Like Obama’s $830,000 billion stimulus package that was meant to fund infrastructure also? Which infrastructure did it fund, by the way? Oh, it didn’t fund any? My goodness. Well by all means let’s give them some more money. Yup, let’s just do that.

Truly,  what is the attraction?

To be honest, I think Killary has a crush on the Donald. This would explain her obsession with him. Really. I asked my shrink.

Anyway, Krauthammer says she’s going to pull out the nuclear arsenal soon and accuse Trump of likely bringing us to war. She must know something we don’t right? This has to mean that we ARE going to war and she’s knows it. The search for a scapegoat is on. The present administration admits to nothing. It’s festering offspring can be no less evil-minded. Yet half of America will still vote for her. Maybe we are due to fall…and deservedly so, or at least to stumble.

On another note, does anyone else wonder what ever became of the “Panama papers”? I do. Especially since I trust Obama’s DoJ about as much as I do junkies. A huge chunk the world’s elites are exposed but the US DoJ hasn’t requested one single record yet (as of 6/23/2016). You don’t suppose they are worried about election results do you?

Slime Green is the new power color.

Oh yeah.  The Democrats staged a gun-control sit in…until the Dunkin Donuts ran out.  Then they declared victory and went home to a more permanent supply of taxpayer provided fat. The up side? Freedom, liberty and the 2nd amendment won again. Mostly America ignored the idiots.

Let Brexit Live!

A bit more than half of Great Britain has opted to leave the EU. One can hear the gnashing of teeth all the way to the colonies. Put all the sociopolitical rhetoric aside and what is this all about? The common Brit is tired of giving up what was once his to an astronomical influx of immigrants who bring little of value with them and refuse to assimilate. 52% have said “enough is enough”. Sadly,  the British government can apparently ignore this vote since it is in effect a non-binding referendum.  Not sure how many of them want to risk their jobs though.

Staying in the union would benefit the economy, or so says the “remain” crowd. Leaving would damage not just Britain’s economy, but the EU and world markets also. Preliminary results show this to be partly true as markets across the globe are dropping points like hot potatoes. It remains to be seen if this is a short-term knee-jerk reaction or if the fall will be maintained. Will we perhaps see those too big to fail finally do so?

Remain had the backing of most world leaders including Barack Obama. Both Scotland and Northern Ireland voted with a majority to stay in the EU. Both have strong economic ties to the union.  Subsequently,  Scotland is renewing its call for independence and there may be a renewed push for Irish reunification. No matter, the common man in Britain sees his country going to pot and wants no more of it. ..regardless the cost.  Sound familiar?  Several other members of the Unioin  are starting to sound their own exit noises now.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump hails the vote as a win for “OUR” side.

Yes, very familiar. You go Brits. Make Great Britain great again.

Of trying something new

I’ve been writing for a while. ..seriously, that is, since 1989. Recently I have ventured into several brands of therapy with the VA in an effort to thwart the symptoms of PTSD. For some reason I never considered a writing group. Go figure.  The second most important woman in my life right now, my Vet Center counselor, has been suggesting this for a year. I gave in and attended my first meeting yesterday.  I don’t share my writing face to face. The emotions are way too powerful for me to control so I avoid this trial with a passion. This issue surfaced again yesterday with gusto. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t look. What I brought to share, vanilla flavored bunk, I couldn’t read.  What I wrote on site about floored me. The “monitor” had to read for me.
I would call it a fail for half participation except that I did what WAS expected of me.  I wrote my heart. Part of the session is dedicated  to writing something about a topic picked by a member. You have 15 minutes. I stared at my tab for 11 of those,  then. ..
Subject of the day: “Caution”.  You don’t say? God has a sense of humor, doesn’t he?
My terrified effort:

Came because I had to
Came because I should
Lost but hanging onto
Whatever hold I could

Try to open up a bit
Feel okay to share
Never open up so much
A sudden friendship dare

Tickle words upon my tab
Trying still to hide
Holding out, won’t take a stab
Rolling in naked pride

Can’t Be sure, it’s not okay
Laying out my life
Remembering those other days
Of broken futile strife

Back away from this open book
Store away your dreams
Just in case they take a look
They’ll see your frozen screams


I’m not even sure what to name it? “Caution” seems too simple.
I have resolved to go back though in spite of insanity.  I’m taking that as a pass.