News and some recap

Cosby is going to be tried.   Hey,  hey,  hey!

Lodge Pole Pines are moving to higher elevations in California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range in search of cooler temps. This must be significant since it’s on page one.  I’m guessing this has to do with, oh,  say “climate global warming colding change” or something.  Yes? Okay, I guess you win.  80 years, 500 feet, let’s legislate NOW. I expect notification anytime now about a new parcel tax or some such because the Sierras have less than a week to live.  😮😱😨😵 Mother Nature will do her thing children.  You can prepare for the aftermath or you can try to stop Mother. For me,  the choice is laughably simple.

Brad Pitt had his body guards save a little girl from being crushed by other fan’s up against a fence.  She was OK but in tears.  Good on ya Brad.

We are still battling over LGBT rights. You know my stand. Unisex bathrooms have been around forever.  Make more.  As to locker room/shower room sharing,  I doubt you’re going to find many women wanting to share those spaces with a penis swinging by. I will still stop any man trying to get into a bathroom with my female family members. If one is disguised well enough, they’ll be in deep shit if it’s my daughter.  If I otherwise hear screaming, I’ll give one very loud warning, then I’m in. Jail is not my concern. I identify as a protective father, husband and grandfather and I will play the part. Occupy that!

Bernie wants a recanvas of Kentucky’s primary.  Haven’t heard that one before.  It’s not quite a recount of votes,  it’s a review of the voting totals and could swing 1 delegate either way. One vote!  This is never say die stuff.  He Could request a recount,  but his campaign would have to pay for it. Right now Killary is leading by a bit less than 2000 votes in the state.

Democrats found a paid judge to challenge Ohio’s early voting law.  The bill would have eliminated a week of early voting where voters could register and vote.  Its called “golden week”.  If would save the state big bucks and there are ample opportunities for all voters to register and vote.  However, it’s apparently too difficult for the majority of the Dems constituents to have to register and then vote on different days.  Republican voters are obviously mean-spirited bigots because they somehow can do both even on different days, even on different days in two different months.  Oh my!😜

In similar news, in 2013 SCOTUS struck down a key section of the “Voting Rights Act”. This year 17 states will have restricted voting rights in effect for the first time since the law was passed in 1965. Section 4 was eliminated which required certain states and congressional districts to seek permission from the feds to change their voting laws. It was just more unnecessary federal overwatch anyway. This is why Ohio is making an effort to eliminate fraud now.  They can.  Little by little we are getting back to the America that was intended by the founders. Hopefully we can continue this trend.  Of course there’s a group of about 50 congressmen forming a “Voting Rights Caucus” to educate the public about voting restrictions. This again is a Democrat effort. I’m a Republican and I already knew this and the restrictions. No republican representative has had to call me or educate me.  Must be a thing with democrat voters that they need to be spoon fed anything to do with voting.  Am I not truly blessed to be in a party that allows me to think for myself? Wicked pissah! 😈

I still can’t make up my mind about arms deals with the oppressive regime in Vietnam. I see both sides and value both’s concerns. From the looks of it,  things haven’t really changed much if dissidents are restricted.  Ugh!

The latest attack on Trump of course has to do with taxes.  I never understood what difference if makes how much taxes a person paid. Regardless, unless we are talking a criminal, it’s really none of our business however hard the Killary owned media cry.  Move on. Besides, I bet he still pays more than most states do. I’m willing to bet he was far more honest about his holdings than slick willy and the bitch queen have ever been.

The first of the bee tests are in.  This particular bee from the hive was NOT Africanized. There are 2 other tests being done and perhaps the drones will turn out to be Africanized.

SPORTS: There’s been a huge playoff role reversal in the bay area.  The Dubs are struggling and the Sharks are flying.  Yikes. Got to say it,  the officiating leaves much to be desired.  Without taking away from the awesome work Westbrook and Durant are doing, it’s quite evident that the Dubs are getting hammered with few calls against the Thunder while playing good defense appears to be a capital offense for the Dubs. Come on refs, you’re not the ones who should decide these games.  The Dubs need to get their game together too. Credit Oklahoma for putting a severe crimp in the Dubs style.  Let’s go Dubs and Sharks.

Suddenly LeBron and the Cavs can’t win?

How bout them Red Sox,  eh? David Ortiz running for a triple crown at 40.  6 players batting over 300. Double dog wicked pissah!

Scientists say that the 2nd circuit court’s finding that Tom Brady’s suspension was justified, is lacking in any kind of proof. No shit Shakespeare. Goodell and that cry baby from Indianapolis should go to jail for wasting taxpayer dollars on completely created bullshit.

That’s all I gots. I ain’t gots no more. (Someone famous said that but it wasn’t me even though it sounds like something  I would say.)

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