The not so free state of California

This is a “letter to the editor” I submitted to the local news group for publication in regards to all the new useless gun laws. They probably won’t publish as is, so I’ll have to edit, but ya never know.

California, one of the states with the most gun control laws prior to last Thursday passed 10 more gun laws in response to the San Bernardino Terrorist attack. If we were already among the “most” gun controlled in the land and San Bernadino still happened; except for making your constituents less safe, what will 10 more ineffectual laws do?  WTF, over?
I can see in my mind’s eye all of California’s criminals, gangsters and jihadi wannabes coming out of the closets while laughing their arses off at us as they lock and load. You can bet Gavin and the rest with have their security armed to the teeth. You’ll be lucky if you don’t go to jail for baring your teeth, even in self defense or to defend your family from the animals this Legislation leaves you unarmed against.
Doesn’t anyone remember the old adage about insanity and repeatedly trying the same failng methods? This is like living with Dora except that I like Dora. California your driving me crazy. Even this newspaper shows either ignorance or denial of the facts. Gun laws only affect law abiding citizens. This tom-foolery from Sacramento is nothing more than another power grab and yes, they are coming for our guns. This “look-at-me-and my-awesomeness-controlling-the-idiot-masses” legislation wont stop death. It will simply make it easier for the bad guys to kill you and me.
Stand up California. Speak out! Make a common sense change in November. Send Sacramento the clear message that we have had enough of this invasive government oversight. Those with armed protection built into their job description shouldn’t decide how we get to protect ourselves and our families. We should do that.
We have the 1st so that we can stand up and speak our mind. We have the 2nd so that no one, including and perhaps most especially not the government, can take away the 1st…or the rest for that matter. So let’s use the 1st now to express our heartfelt belief in the 2nd, so that we don’t need to use the 2nd to defend the 1st in the very near future because once the 2nd is gone, all bets are off. They are trying to take our guns. Don’t be fooled. They are trying and Killary will be their champion. Gavin and company will be the well protected loyal local cadre.
Wake up, stand up and speak out please. Or bend over and ask your neighbors to pass the Vaseline…again.

One thought on “The not so free state of California

  1. I am amazed at the logic of these people. Their reasoning is something I cannot understand. My wife will not leave this god forsaken state.


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