Fakebook bias, Politics and sports

Now,  we all know fakebook is for shizzle really, right? Zuckerberg is a spoiled pirate of a rich man who panders to the left. The “news” leads we see there are about as reliable as the Enquirer. You’d have to be a complete idiot to not know that fakebook is as biased as the most blessed liberal entity might be. We all know this.  Right?  Okay then,  why all the recent angst?  It’s fakebook. Comics for the Millennium. Who cares?  Your vote in November is all that matters.  Let Zuck and his drooling child continue to suck and reflect the worst of our society’s ills…for them.  For us it’s a playground where laughing at liberal drivel on a daily basis is the norm.  Fakebook feeds my blog and millions more with ripe idiot garbage to chew up, digest, process and then eliminate via the wasteful end of my pen. Zuck sucks.  Who cares?  Next…

Joe Biden,  the military expert,  says that having openly gay troops and women in combat will strengthen the military. We can only hope.  I have backed this proposal since, a) gays have been fighting with us since the first one whenever that was and b) there have been some seriously bitchin’ lady warriors in history.  Just ask any Nam Vet about lady cong.  I’ve had the privilege to meet several of today’s lady warriors from several services. I am very glad they are on our side.  If we are wrong, and I seriously doubt it, we’ll recover. Not a real fan of Joe’s but I was inspired by his comments just the same,

Whenever the stakes are highest,  we turn to the United States Army.  Wether is fighting terrorism, training our partners,  reassuring our allies or providing humanitarian relief, we call on you, and right now the stakes could not be higher.

Bernie is mounting his own Trump-like insurrection, though not quite so successfully. He is endorsing Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s opponent,  Tim Canova,  for her seat in congress. Regardless of Canova’s pedigree,  the fewer ditzes in an already over ditzed DC the better.  You go Bernie. More kudos for his team,  I don’t think anyone in recent memory has attracted more new voters than Bernie’s team has. Granted they are all still growing their brains and somehow think a socialist is a good choice, but being involved at an early age can be quite educational. Again, good on you Bernie, you commie. 😆😉😈😇

Am I the only one wondering why if so many of us, apparently a huge majority of us, do not like either presumptive nominee, how the hell did we end up with them?  If no one likes them,  who voted in the primaries? Is this confusion or exactly what the media wants me to believe?  Hahaha…boy could this subject fill a few volumes, eh?  I still don’t know anyone who has ever voted for Pelosi, Feinstein or Boxer either.

I like Charles Krauthammer. He closely shares my views and possesses the vocabulary and writing skills I wish I had. He wrote an interesting piece on what Bernie’s legions will do in the general election?  Many will surely toe the party line. What about those who find that Trump’s position is far closer to Bernie’s on many important issues than Killary’s ever will be. Trump and Bernie supporters are overwhelmingly white, they appeal to the rust belt’s middle and working class voters who don’t feel represented right now by anyone. If Trump wins over enough of those votes to swing some states like Michigan and Pennsylvania, look out. One more mishandled crisis by this admin and those Reagan Democrats just might hop the fence instead of opting for 4 more years of the same blundering. One can hope.

A Dutchman is the first to die on Everest this year. 😢 RIP Eric Arnold. I pray you’re dream was fulfilled first.

Another Taliban leader down to drone strike. Mullah Mansour has ridden the Virgin express care of US technical support. Unfortunately, as anti-American as Mansour was, his probable replacement, Sirajuddin Haqqani, leader of the Haqqani network insurgent faction, is far worse. Can peace between Taliban and Afghan still be on the table?  Oh Lord,  please let them run out of phony clergy soon.

Obama is off to Hiroshima and Hanoi. How many takers that this is a continuation of the apology tour? Yep, me too. Question is only how far he will bow to get TPP support.  One feels shamed!  😑😡😟😶 Doesn’t this indicate that the deal will not stand on its own? If I’m right of course. .. could be I just don’t like the guy.  Nah!😈

Moonbeam is desperately trying to extend the prop 30 “temporary” tax increase.  Despite promises in 2012, he has it on November’s ballot. Through some slick bookkeeping he shows an $5 – $8 billion surplus this year with a similar surplus going forward for several more years as things are,  but he’s spending at a rate of $19+ billion per year.  That surplus will vanish without extending prop 30 along with adding a plethora of new sales and parcel taxes and bond proposals this year too. BTW, that bookkeeping was a simple matter of deferring the debt to our grandchildren.  Slick, huh?  This is a great example of the insanity of voters and voting in California. It’s as if there is never really a good choice for California. We make it worse by electing the very worst options there are.  Brown, Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer and a 90% Democrat state legislature. We bitch every year about the lack of progress yet make no corrective decisions and put the same asshats back in office.  UGH!😠 Of course that’s you making those decisions not me.  I’ve never made a bad voting decision.  Well, that time I voted for Leslie Cummings over Jimmy Doyle for class president wasn’t too smart. He’d never had known I was after his girl if I hadn’t voted her.

Oakland is having a book festival at city hall today.  Yep, we Luddites have culture.  Come see for yourselves.  Find out about diversity in the modern metropolis.

Once again,  same paper,  same author. ..lists a half-dozen things to do on Memorial day weekend. Granted he works for the east bay parks district, but he can’t afford a single WORD about the reason for the holiday?  So,  you’re probably thinking, what the heck does crazy Mike care about a notice stating what’s happening in parks this coming weekend?  Well,  it’s like this.  This is a solemn American Holiday. Every one, including every citizen,  every immigrant,  illegal or otherwise,  should do nothing this weekend before they honor our war dead,  or they should go back to work.  That’s all.  This is why we have such a pansy ass society today, IMO. Those of us who can endorse our history, that earned through the blood of heroes, but choose not to, propagate the myth that the need for said heroes doesn’t exist.  Eventually, they must hope, that we who can will fade away leaving a nation of safe-spacers behind for them to warp. HA! PISS OFF! I’m just cantankerous enough to outlast your self-important, ridiculous asses.



In sports: Jose Canseco will play a game with the Pittsburg Diamonds baseball club. Pittsburg,  CA that is.  Minor league pros in a small local league.  Fun games played with old-fashioned heart. Jose is a good draw. Great family fun too.

St Louis still got some punch, much to the Shark Nation’s chagrin. Yikes,  that was a pasting. The Blues did beat the Hawks, so this is not really unexpected.  But this is the Sharks. ..soooooooooo. Sigh! 😕

Exaggerator, now that was a finish.  WOW! Mud and all,  he was flying at the finish. Nyquist was up for most of the race but had nothing left at the end and came in 3rd behind Cherry Wine.

Today could bear a huge momentum swing for either team in Oklahoma tonight. Come on Dubs.

Sox are playing Cleveland right now. Sox are leading 2-0 in the 2nd but the tribe has bases loaded with two out. Dang,  tired up. Come on Sox.

Kerri Walsh-Jennings is back in the Olympics for  the 5th time.  Fekk yeah.  Talk about lady warriors.  You go Kerri. USA, USA, USA!

Serena Williams haunted by her struggles?  Give it a break.  The woman is a legend.  We did the same thing to Tiger.  Come on.

Headlines: Big Papi puts the Sox ahead again.  I’m telling you,  David Ortiz is the real deal.

Up next?  The day after this one.





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