Are ten enough?

Communist California’s legislature just passed 10 new gun laws. 10! Stupidly paranoid much? But hey, no one is coming after our guns, just our ability to use them. California is done for. We should have ceded from these morons long ago. Oh, Jefferson, where are you now? The State of Jefferson This must be what it’s like to be a Londoner or a Parisian, helplessly watching your home dissolve into another 12th century, 3rd world, middle eastern like cesspool. The FBI has confirmed that ISIS is targeting “gun-free” zones. Fekkin brilliant that is fibbies. And OBTW, thanks to California for making it even easier for terrorists and criminals to do so. It would serve justice if the legislature were the ones most affected but you can bet your bippy these same schmucks are covered by guns all day and night. BTW, I didn’t vote for this.  No voter did. This was a politicians only vote regarding my 2nd amendment rights. I don’t recall giving them that duty. Do you?Sixty six more were sent to God’s house before their time. Sixty six more sacrificed for the sake of hate. I know nothing has been proven yet but frankly, I have no doubt. Terror lives.

House Republicans rallied to defeat LGBT protection legislation. That’s what we’re told on the front page today. Those nasty hateful Republicans would have poor people, women and gays just roll over and die. This had absolutely nothing to do with preventing the left from forcing people to deny and go against their religious beliefs, which, if your interested, is a violation of the 1st amendment, but hey, were only taking religious folk here. It’s not like we’re talking real Americans, right? Mr. Lefty Democrat, you are simply the epitome of intolerance, you hypocrite. Piss off.

900 square foot “homes” anywhere near SF on sale for 7 figures. Prices are climbing to the ridiculous all over the bay area. I guess its nice to be the only place left in the states making jobs, but really. Now, if I can just hold out for another year or so, I’ll sell and finally make my first million.😁 Of course we’ll be living in a cardboard box after that. Rents are no better. You know it’s bad when one of Oakland’s own advocates for affordable housing has lost her apartment due to an increase in rent. Yikes!

Morley Safer. Well, I am at a loss here. It would be difficult to deny his talent. It would be more difficult to forget the impact his reporting on My Lai had on us soldiers, whether or not that was his intent. Listening to Safer, Wallace and Walter Cronkite, you would have to believe we were the most inept, uncaring, murderous crew of losers ever. RIP, I guess.

In sports: in case you were wondering, one good way to win a Stanley Cup is to have your goalie hit his peak in the playoffs. Sharks goalie, Jones, has 2 shutouts in three games. Bingo. Come on Sharks!

Steph’s elbow is fine. Bigger than usual but fine. He’ll play and score and drive the other guys nuts as usual. Go Dubs!

The Cavs are 10 – 0 in the playoffs. On a mission it seems, eh?

Did I tell you how awesome the Sox are this year? Oh, okay.

…and next will be tomorrow.



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