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The nation’s media folk are up in arms over what they consider an assault on the 1st  amendment. AB-1671 will reportedly make it illegal to disseminate a recording unless both parties agree. Hahaha, they want their cake and eat it too. Ah, the good ole days when you could entrap someone and then sell it as THE hottest news story and never ever have to worry about someone fighting back. Aren’t these the same folk who generally speaking, light up the boards with anti 2nd amendment garbage? Fekkin comes around, don’t it?

Trump’s picking out conservative judges like he does new suits. Bernie’s all of a sudden acting like a democrat and firing bombs at Trump. Killary’s planning the next death in her path to the WH, I think. I imagine it will be someone from the Clinton Global Bloodsucking Foundation or whatever. The guy who leaked the info about using foundation money for her personal ugliness. I’m just warming up folks.  California will be fun this primary for a change.
NOTE: She’s going to put slick willy in charge of the economy. One question, there’s no Reagan economy for him to strap his ass to; what he has now is $19 trillion of mostly new Obama debt. WHAT ECONOMY?

I’m not sure how I feel about this. John McCain seems to be okay with it. He is a RINO though, so I do have to wonder about motivation then. The issue: US weapon sales to Vietnam. I see the danger China poses in the region and I see it getting larger. I guess if we get access to Cam Ranh Bay out of it so that our Navy is parked up China’s behind, so to speak, that’s good. But hell, how do I bury that particular hatchet? 😕
China with a commanding unchecked presence in the Spratley’s is a suddenly resource rich and emboldened China I don’t want to see. So, I’ll just have to use the old “spoonful of sugar” with swallowing this deal if it happens. I imagine the larger deal at stake is the TPP Trade Agreement. Again another spike in the Chinese retainer wall, but at what cost in jobs, and trade concessions? Oh, and how pissed off do we want China? Do we care?
Hmmmmm, suddenly I don’t want to be president anymore. Must be the stress. 😯

For the first time, maybe ever, I read a letter to the editor in my local paper that I would have written. In fact, I did write something very similar not too long ago. It was about “climate change”, specifically having to do with our water issues here in Cali. We’re all so concerned about the drought. Some are equally concerned about “climate change” of the man-made variety, formerly known as global colding…ERM, warming. One proffered result of mother nature’s natural wrath (that’s all this is folks) may be rising sea levels. As my earlier article espoused, this one suggested:  Instead of all this useless panic wasting several billions of dollars to accomplish nothing (other than filling someone else’s piggy bank), why not desalinate? Nope, nope too fekkin much sense that makes. WTF was I thinking?

How much  historical value can a weapon used to kill a minor hold that someone would pay $65,000 for it? Or $599? I don’t get it. WTF, over?

Blake Lively made the mistake of talking jive while white. Yeah, white folks are the problem. This is so hatefully racist and the black author will never admit it. Never mind Blake. I got your back (booty) covered, LA style or Oak town. And Oakland finds your booty reference just fine, fine, fine. All of us do except for a few snotty Twitterers. Come on! Oakland is one of the more diverse cities in the USA. We don’t need to play the race card here. The fact of our diversity denies that race plays any role here.
UGH!😣 Yes, I live in Livermore. Part of Alameda county with Oakland as our hub. More people here relate with Oakland than San Francisco. Leave color out of it unless your going to act like a color.

One lone Chibok girl and her child were found and rescued by Nigerian hunters. She tells us that some of the other 219 girls taken by Boko Haram have died while others are still held by them. We watched this happen. We have still done nothing.

I should have mentioned yesterday in my rant about abusive cops that never before has there been so much scrutiny towards cops. Never before has there been so much angst felt towards cops. Never before have cops been in the sights of every hateful person and group in the USA without the general support of the populace. It’s open season on cops and I blame the present administration as much as I blame poor parenting for the abysmal conduct of our citizenry. Cops I think are just circling the wagons. Can we blame them?

The feds may actually be doing something right here in Cali.  The border city of Calexico has long been a thorn in side of the drug war, in favor of the cartels. Recently a new top crime boss was hired to clean things up. When he started doing so he was canned by city leaders. In a whistleblower lawsuit he told FBI about drug use, trafficking, money theft and smuggling by city employees. The feds have since made some serious accusations and gave the local PD failing grades all around. Go get ’em. This is one of the valid functions of the feds…to secure the borders. With two border crossings in Calexico and enough corruption to satisfy a Sinaloa, this can’t happen soon enough.

Mallard Fillmore today: “Sources say Donald Trump now has a plan to allow all illegal immigrants to move to Hollywood… to replace all the people there who say they’ll leave if he’s elected president”. 😆
See, he does have a plan.

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