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There needs to be a clause in the secret service handbook that says when the president starts acting like an ass, they are allowed to slap him in the face. No one in this country deserves a slap in the face more than Obama right now, Not even Killary…at least until I finish these paragraphs.
WAKE UP AND GET OUT OF OUR LIVES. You’re the president not God. We do not need your morals. They are yours. I will absolutely bust any man’s head if he attempts to go into the lady’s room with any female member of my family. I identify as a protective father type. Put me in jail for that, Mr President. What a SHIT! 😠😬😤

Finally, the baggage this person has collected is catching up with her, and just in time too. Mrs Killary is being pounced on from all directions now. From the scrutiny being shown her “Clinton Global Initiative” entanglements (can she ever really disengage from her global goals and function solely as president? How?). Gowdy seems ready to drop the hammer finally on Benghazi. One has to wonder if ole Trey ain’t been sandbagging all this time and really does have some meat to lay on the table. I wait with batted breath (for her head to roll). The FBI is completing their investigation into her use of a personal email server for government business, including perhaps state secrets. One hacker has already been into her server. IMO, I would not be surprised if half the world has been in her server too. She sure as hell doesn’t know. It doesn’t appear that she cares either since she also used an unsecured blackberry at the same time.  Can you say irresistible?

All the crap they’re slinging at Trump isn’t enough to dent his lead over the murderess. They are digging deep looking for sex scandals etc. Hahahahaha. How fekking stupid are they? Are they really going to open that can of worms with the possibility of a Randy Slick Willy returning to the WH? Box of chocolates and stupid is, etc…

The top commander of Lebanon’s Hezbollah has been killed in an explosion in Syria. Mustafa Badreddine, who was helping Assad fight rebels in Syria since 2012 is now dead, stumbling around somewhere terrible I hope, looking for his 72 virgins. Yes friends, God is great. 😇

Congress again did nothing yesterday. Puerto Rico can go fish I guess? The poor starving dears in congress want a raise too. I make about 1/8 of what they do on SS. I can’t get a raise this year. Neither can Veterans. Congress, illegals and refugees “earn” more $ and benefits than I do and I’m the one who worked and paid for them. Is this your America? It sure as hell isn’t mine. Thanks for that, by the way. And yes, next time you fuck up and need my life to save your punk ass, I’ll still be here. Just call. Ungrateful shits!

Women in combat. Women in the draft. Whew? We smokin now! 😉 Are we paying them the same yet? No? Shame is!

Moonbeam ran out of other people’s money so Calitaxia is about to get hammered again. I guess he figures dumping another few billion of debt on our grandkids isn’t such a great idea. We’ll reject his request for a tax extension and he’ll defer the debt instead anyway. Nobody says NO to Moonbeam, nobody, even if he needs the money for the same shit he didn’t do with the money last time he forked us. Ah, California, where to go to get screwed by your state as bad as you get screwed by the feds. We willingly elect this crap over and over again. Or we don’t and they own the whole process. I don’t know really, which makes more sense…

Oh and we’re claiming (Californians) that we have been way out on the leading edge of the transgender potty issue. We have, actually, for years had “unisex” restrooms in place in schools, libraries and the workplace.  Problem solved without  jeopardizing children’s safety. These are single units. Why not build a few of these and let birth sex identifiers have their privacy? Are they not citizens too? I know, I know. This is way too fekking simple and some no-function liberal functionary from a prominent do-nothing think tank didn’t take 6 years and $7 billion to figure it out, that’s why.

College kids are pissed off at Google for using their data. Hahaha. Let me ask this. Do you pay for Google services? Mail, +, search, maps, guidance, etc, etc ad infinitum??? No? Did you think “Google does stuff cause their like really cool dude”? Take note for the future, nothing is for nothing.

Mallard Fillmore today: “Hey Martha, remember when “Is the Pope Catholic” was a rhetorical question?”
Ba doom bah!
WUMO: Two mad scientists in a lab with an old white guy in a large test tube…one is reporting, “We have succeeded in distilling the essence of an old, white male’s anger and see great commercial opportunities. It can be used in chemical warfare, manufacturing of acid, for fighting weeds…”
You have no fekkin idea!😈

American hero, we have so few, SWO1 Charles Keating IV, was laid to rest yesterday. He was honored by Americans lining the streets of Coronado who’d come to say goodbye. A Navy SEAL who fell in Iraq on 3 MAY 2016, defending innocents, standing tall, fighting to allow a rescue to unfold. God bless you brother. Rest in peace with all your many brave comrades. Thank you to the wonderful Americans who showed up for him and his family. As always, thanks to the Patriot Guard.

There are no words, no prayer will do
No song that soothes our pain
When a teammate falls we fall too
Our hearts are one and the same.

From “Why soldiers cry”… To be released when I can.

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