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The LA Times wants us to know that they have our back when it comes to Trumpisms. Yesterday the Donald claimed that illegals were streaming over the border in record numbers right now.  Is the Donald prone to exageration?  To set the record straight the folks at the Times have this to say.  “Multiple studies show rates of illegal immigration are declining. Federal stats show the lowest # of border apprehensions in years.”


Studies and stats,  yes,  that’s the ticket. But,  who’s studying what?  I don’t know.  The Times didn’t tell me,  so i guess i just have to believe that that is the truth, right?  And, oh by the way,  which federal stats are we talking about and how were they collected? And if you have all this data,  how is it we still have an illegally alien problem?


This one is a real doozey:

Yale opinion takers (is that a tax paid position? It does sound like one of those mindless done type functionary positions you would expect in a bloated bureaucracy, doesn’t it? )…anyway, some Yalites claim that we republicans have finally seen the light and are beginning to accept climate change as a real thing.  Honesty to God,  the stupid bastards could screw up a Sunday picnic.

Pay attention so that you get it right this time.  That phenomenon you erroneously penned “global warming” is called climate change.  We luddites knew this all along and repeatedly told you so.  You finally got tired of pissing in your shoes and decided to try to molify us by using the term “climate change” to champion your cause.  We luddites are smarter than you think and still don’t buy the bullshit. We also have repeatedly told you that you can’t stop climate change.  Mother will have her way no matter what we do.  Our efforts would be better spent preparing for what’s coming. Habitat, desalination (or does that make TOO much sense with the rising seas? ), getting to know our neighbors to the south.

I wonder what spin you’ll use when you accept the rest of the truth?  How will you claim that as your own?

Ho hum.

Back to us luddites. ..we also are thought to be mean spirited in regards to Transgender folk using facilities they feel more comfortable with.  It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with keeping the 750,000 or so registered sex offenders away from children or the defenseless.  No,  of course not.  We’re luddites and incapable of compassion.


What the hell,  they have TV, movies, books, appliances. In some sense they are better off than some poor. So,  why not give them the vote too.  Criminals, the new oppressed and favored minority of the left.  If this didn’t openly and without a doubt benefit queen Killary, giving criminals in Virginia the right to vote while surely registering these new voters to the (Democrat) party that “saved” them; this would have struck me as an absurdity that could never stand here in these United States of America. Where Killary is concerned however, all bets are off it appears. This creature is a water walker. None may interfere. I wait with baited breath for the “undocumented voter ballot” to be released. After all, who’s representing those poor dears, right?  Yet 22 veterans a day take their own lives because no one has their six.  The party of the enlightened has nothing for those folks.


McDonald’s  is trying a new nugget recipe without using. ..wait for it. ..MOST artificial substances. Did i really need or want to know that? More importantly,  will it still taste like chicken?


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