An overcast song…




Its cloudy today

My friend is bathing

His Mrs. in the tree next door

Calling constant a curious query

“Hello, hello, come home now.”

My friend dips his head again.

I think I heard him say,

“Not today love. Not now. Can it wait?”

He dips once more, then sighs.

This time he dips towards me and says,

“Oh, the time l’ve wasted building

When I should have been singing.

Now that I have no time for either

I grasp at any moment of trilling

As if it will be that one song of life

I hunger to claim as my own.

The living melody that soars past my soul

Before leaving my mouth.

Cruel and unfeeling, life says no.

Jerks me back to this gray mundane.

She calls.  So must I perform

Not the music I feel within

But the song of tedium’s need. ”

He dips once more and is gone in the green.


What is it I have lost?

Has my song been tossed

Into the middle where no one

Has time to hear?

“No my friend, this cannot stand

Rejoice with me lend a hand.

Well sing our song together

So it lasts forever.





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