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Today an Hispanic writer pens loudly about Trump’s chances here in Californication.  He goes on about how the 39% Latino population here will and has let him know just what they thought of him.  He mentions riots as if a secondary issue to the bigger one of the Donald and his reported racism. I think the jury’s still out on the Hispanic vote just yet, but what struck me was the writer’s obvious shock at the behavior of his fellow Hispanic Americans. The irony nearly pierced my morning lethargy. ..nearly.

Just in case I’m the only one who does see it,  a Hispanic writer,  of some prominence now,  is wiring about how wrong Trump is about Hispanic immigrants,  while puzzled by the criminal anti-American behavior of those very Hispanic immigrants.  Again,  very nearly pierced I was.

My ethical opposite, Leonard Pitts, tunes in today on etiquette. The question of the day,  if a person is okay with LGBT  in a closed stall next to them,  but not comfortable with the same mix in a more open environment like a locker room where folks are often in the buff, does that mean they need sensitivity counseling? Oh my fucking word!

Thankfully Leonard deferred to any professional who might want to reply.  He did however,  in typical Pittsian fashion,  break it down to the wrong issue, labeling concern for minors as targeting LGBT folks as if they were the predators.


There’s are approximately 750,000 registered sexual predators out there. That’s just the registered ones. This law gives them access to minor children in what should NORMALLY be a private place. I’m willing to bet that most of these preditors don’t identify as LGBT, but perhaps some do.  That’s not the issue. The issue is you just gave them access to my granddaughter going potty. Piss off, please. WTF, is wrong with people today?  You are all on drugs right?

Campus sexual assault rate is rising rapidly. How much does an education cost now?  And where’s the safe spaces? Anyone else think they are really just taking our money and nothing more? “Teach your children well.” 😲

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