In the news

Most apparent in today’s news is the continued lack of understanding, or is it a refusal, about what is driving the political climate today.  In one case, the Washington Post informs us that the GOP has lost its way. The writer continues to cling to the belief that the establishment is still at the heart of the GOP and that its the rank and file (us) who’ve lost our way. Ho hum.  I grow tired of teaching the same lesson to unworthy students. Grasshoppers they are not.
Another from that fine bastion of republican thought,  Philadelphia,  says that Trump’s foreign policy is a joke basically.  Compared to what?  Prostrating ourselves everytime Putin takes his shirt off? Leaving a void so wide in Iraq that ISIS takes over a third of the country in less time than it took us to find Sadaam? Turning our backs to Poland, Israel and the the Ukraine? Selling weapons to the cartel so they can kill our border agents with them? Leaving 4 men sent into harms way to die and then lying about it in order to save an election?  Telling the UK we’ll punish them if they leave a failing EU?  Which of those fine examples of statesmanship should the Donald emulate to satisfy your foreign policy evaluation?
I smirk in your general direction.
Mallard Fillmore today: “It’s a win-win! Not only is our new minimum wage $15.00 an hour, our new $12.00 burgers keep out the riffraff.” :o😨😩:?
I seem to remember pulling back from war.  So, what happened Mr President?  There are consequences, as you were told, to ending a job before it’s finished.  Do you care that it has cost so many lives preserving your phony legacy, sir?  Are you even aware of the end result of your blunders? Agh!  What am i thinking?  Behghazi didn’t cost you a night’s sleep, did it? I foolishly continue to expect presidential behavior when it is blatantly apparent that none is forthcoming.
2017, will there be a regeneration of that American spirit so lacking in today’s safe spaces or will the final bars of liberty’s death knell sound?

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