Science too…

After reading one paragraph in a science article, I readily admit I know even less than Jon Snow.  I wondered, “Can reading fix this?”, and so I read on.  The answer,  sadly,  is no.  No amount of reading this. ..”STUFF”…will result in true understanding.  Oh how I long for the days of radio magic with some crystals and rubber bands. I didn’t understand then either but I could do it. I must report that I have absolutely neither the desire nor capacity to build a collider, small or large in order to participate in the latest scientific journey.  Apparently, in 2012, the CERN folks in France who have a collider that is 17 miles long discovered a new particle called the “Hoggs boson” or the “God particle”.  A collider is a very long super conductor which along with a city’s level of power consuption is used to throw bundles of particles at each other so they can”see”what results (yes, that was a really simplistic description…the only one I could actually muster in regards to what this thing does). They are doing this in an effort to round out the Standard Model of Physics,  explaining how the universe is made up at the smallest levels. This Standard Model is the best we’ve got yet, but there are still gaps, like, what’s up with “dark matter”, whatever that is and who knew it makes up one-quarter of the universe’s mass?

More recently, tests have hinted at another new particle. (Since we already have a “God” one,  should I be concerned about what this one might be capable of?) This new particle might clear up the mystery of dark matter or it could signal a “graviton”, perhaps the first particle with gravity, another new boson or even. ..wait for it,  cue the Outer Limits jingle. may even hint at a new dimension.

That was quite a bit to digest, I know. Ready for the kicker?  It might also be nothing at all,  a blip.  Criminy.  My head hurts and it might be for nothing.  This is why I became am infantryman.  Science sucks. …the life out of you.

On the seas: We have the world’s largest unmanned ship plying the waves now. At 132 feet in length,  the Sea Hunter could revolutionize how navies operate and could usher in the arrival of unmanned cargo ships. I wonder if they had to drive it around with all that funny looking gear on top like the Google cars?

Out there: Life!  The ever long effort to find it elsewhere just took a boost. A Belgian team using a telescope in Chile, discovered 3 earth like planets less than 40 light years away. That’s like 2 stops on public transport in galactic terms. Why haven’t we found these guys before?  Well,  it’s like this.  In our quest to find neighbors out there,  we naturally tend to look at stars like or own Sol. The problem is that these stars are so bright,  they tend to wash out the signatures of planets near them,  so we don’t see them so well and its near impossible trying to study them.

Along comes Trappist-1, an ultra cool dwarf star named for the telescope in Chile used to discover it. Because this star is so close and not very bright, astronomers can study it. ..hunt for signs of life. They are already doing so with NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope and the Hubble will join this effort soon. I wonder if they have Wal-Mart?

For those of you wondering,  “who the f@#k is this and what did you do with crazy Mike?”, one small stab at politics. ..

My favorite liberal journalist,  Leonard Pitts, wrote this about the Bernie crowd in regards to their claim that they won’t support Killary (some of them anyway, 1 in 4 people passing by a Transgender ok bathroom said they won’t support her if the Bern loses): “But the loss was fair and square and those citizens of Bernie nation who can’t deal with that,  who want to opt out of the system or take up arms against it, should be ashamed of themselves.  One feels sorry for them. ”

This is so much like the foot stamping of the GOP establishment who are bent on denying Trump, even if it means losing the WH. Yet,  they and the media fail to see what this really means. Both sides are obviously fed up with business as usual. Enter Sanders and Trump.  Though Sanders is no newbie,  he is way off the Democrat’s  path.  Trump is Trump, owned by and indebted to no one. That’s the allure Leonard. To a good number of us,  the establishment is the enemy. ..on both sides of the aisle. The new common cause is to flush the status quo and start all over again.

Get on board or be left behind “for the times they are a changin'”. (Bob Dylan)

This just in: Uber to welcome service canines. I would like to welcome Uber to the 21st century.  WTF, over?

Mallard Fillmore today: Frame one, Bernie is talking at the debate and says,  “Free Capybaras for all Americans”. Next frame, Killary responds: “I’ve always favored that too”. Next frame,  Bernie says,  “Just making sure she was paying attention.” 😆

3 cheers for Leicester City’s Football club. Winning the English Premier League title as a first timer in the league was brilliant.  Only done once before,  by Nottingham Forest in 1978. Pip, pip and all that!

I am really liking this year’s version of the Red Sox.  Better clean up my World Series hat mount. There will soon be a 4th.

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