Treachery if not treason…

The horrific scene seems never to leave my mind. If I find myself reading about troops on foreign soil or a diplomatic mission in trouble, the wreck of ambassador Stevens’ body being dragged through the streets of Benghazi fills my mind’s eye and feeds the bitterness I feel towards those responsible. But those responsible apparently will never be held so. It’s like a nightmare movie that has paid for its own replays as if to rub it in. During the credits I see a host of laughing jackals, daring between chuckles that we “catch them if we can”.

I’m incensed by this. I can’t understand why the people who were on the ground are ignored (selectively) in favor of the hearsay and anecdotal testimony and the obvious lies (it was a video…) of those who stand to lose the most should the “wrong” truth find its way to the limelight. The favored, most believable view of events came from 10,000 mile away? It never occurred to anyone that because it was an election year that there might be a NEED to hide the truth in order to save the election? Am I the only one to see the obvious?

Why believe everything the troops on the ground say except that they were ordered to stand down? Why only that one thing? Why would we believe the best of us had any reason to lie about that but tell the truth about everything else, while proven liars say otherwise? The deck is stacked. That’s why. We the people have grown lazy and this stupid.

I don’t believe the administration or their talking heads about much of anything to begin with. When it comes to them protecting themselves, the gloves are off. I believe they will do anything and have done.

I can only hope that those of us who are not fooled will not give up. If the president and former secretary of state are ever to be held accountable, we cannot ever accept their “story” and leave our true heroes publicly denied. The fact is they could all have been saved. They were denied life by a weak, completely out of her league, SEC STATE and an even more inept POTUS. WHO BOTH THEN LIED TO SAVE AN ELECTION. We should be shamed. Instead we face the humiliating embarrassment of electing one of these ethically void folks to the highest office…AGAIN. I cringe at the thought. The rest of the world laughs and loses more respect for us every day this charade called leadership goes on.

As a veteran I find this a most bitter pill to swallow. To any who serve this nation, the actions of this administration has to be anathema. To us, the most sacred trust we put in our government is that they have our six. This admin has had only their own six covered and there’s more to come I’m sure. The longer this president stands the longer we stand to lose our best and brightest to ineptituode or just plain indiference.

This is, in my mind, the gravest of all failures for this admin. Their efforts to cover that over with a storied ending to this regime’s epic anti-American thrust must the be the final fail. We cannot go quietly into the night on this one. If not outright treason, treachery is certainly not the least of this administration’s true colors.

BENGHAZI… do not let it rest. Justice must be served regardless the battered look we’ll have after the mighty fall. We’ll be so much better off for it and if the good lord is willing, it’ll be a long time before the next group of fakes, liars, sellouts and criminals take the white house.

God save us please.

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